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The North Korean Papacy

At Gloria TV (can't access the link now) the great Reto Nay incinerates the stupid Francispropaganda spouted by the Osservatore Romano; a litany of absurd compliments redolent of old and contemporary Communist propaganda.

You may think that Francis is smarter than that. But I actually think he isn't. I think events like this are further evidence of what an idiot he is.

An idiot surrounds himself with yesmen. Francis has put them at work at the Osservatore Romano as well as everywhere else.

An idiot will be influenced by adulation and flattering. Francis, who has been begging for attention and craving applause since day 1 of his disgraceful Pontificate, is obviously very sensitive to it.

An idiot will not recognise other idiots as such. Actually, he is likely to judge them “as smart as he is”. The unsigned author of the article blasted by Father Nay is, very clearly, of limited intelligence, and so is the editor allowing such a joke to merit publication.

Idiots praising idiots, and thinking the readers are idiots. This is what is happening.

But then something else is also happening: after four and a half years of Francis, it is clear that he has failed. It does not matter how much damage he causes around him, the entire world by now recognises that true Catholics despise him. The phenomenon is, in fact, so evident that not even the Vatican denies it.

This failing on a North Korean scale causes, in the idiots I have just mentioned, a North Korean reaction: boundless praise and adoration for the Great Humble Guide. However, the North Korean Government controls to almost 100% the flow of information and can put this tactics to a profitable use. The Osservatore Romano operates in a free world, and the only result they will achieve is ridicule and laughter.

Francis surrounds himself with homos, idiots, yesmen and heretics of all sort.

As they say, similibus similibus sulvuntur .


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