Terrorists Are Not What They Used To Be

The last terrorist attack in London caused… 22 hospitalised people at last count. Knowing this Country, I suspect this includes everyone with a bruised toe.

I cannot but notice that, once again, the London population realises what an excellent work the security forces are doing, neutralising all but very few, and perhaps the most stupid attempts; which, being amateurish, can more easily be planned and executed fast, outside of the security radar.

Mind, though, that what is now sporadic terrorist violence, and can still be controlled, will be much more difficult to control when the number of Mohammedans grows and the episodes of violence become too frequent to be effectively controlled. Then it will be, at some point, open fight, and I am not sorry to say that the White Man will crush the posterior of the Brown Invader, as they have always done in the last many centuries.

Not without countless deaths, though, and widely spread violence. A violence we are attracting with our own stupidity, and which will make every suffering inflicted on us self-inflicted, and therefore amply deserved.

Terrorists are not what they used to be. The security services are doing sterling work. But you can't avoid civil wars simply with security services: when the tipping point has been reached, it's open, violent confrontation.

Often, in history, vast upheavals have been considered improbable merely years before they happened: the French Revolution and the Spanish Civil War are two well-known examples, right in the middle of Europe.

Our own stupidity might be preparing a horrible, possibly continental civil war for our children. A civil war I do not doubt we would win; but a completely avoidable one, brought on us by our own stupidity.



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  1. We’re not stupid. Thank God we all seem to be alight with Sanctifying Grace. The unfortunate Mohammedans have turned their backs on truth and listen to an evil far off cry from (probably) the depths of the earth. Black hearted ‘warriors’ are they who “receive not the love of truth that they may be saved.” Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying…” St. Paul Thes. 2:16. They are filled with a blood lust like their demonic prophet. The story of his life indeed entitles him to that name.

    Some along the line has failed in “teaching all nations” as Jesus commanded. Wandering, wavering, falling stars in Rome will not do the Consecration!

    You are right. Our little children suffer greatly. Future looks dim. God help us!!

  2. The “security forces” stop working when the goal of those traitors in policital power is to increase “minorities” participation in those same insitutions. Suddenly, like what happened often to the US Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, that Muslim police officer or Muslim military officers shoots you and your friends in the back.

  3. Interesting, very interesting comment. As an American, I admit to wondering what on earth Europeans are thinking on this topic. Americans, in a way, are divided as well, with so many millions understanding the problem quite well, that to import Mohammedans is a very bad idea, and the remaining Americans, utterly clueless in this regard, and still believing that, well, we must, for various silly reasons. This man on the Chair of Peter cannot be minimized in his influence on this matter, it is not inconsequential, so he bears a big responsibility, as do our feckless bishops, but what does it matter, the result is the same, here they are.
    I often wonder what Europeans are saying amongst themselves, and do they realize their leaders are selling them out? Do they get that this is an effort to get rid of Christianity altogether. We in America are only delayed in this because of President Trump. Hopefully by the time his term ends, please God in 8 years, Americans will come to their senses.

    • Some do, most don’t.
      However, one can be said with total security: they won’t allow brown noses to deprive them of sex, alcohol and bacon. When the shit hits the fan, the Mohammedans will be crushed.

  4. And while that open warfare rages in Britain and/or Europe, the libs in the US will wag their heads and preach at us how it all could have been avoided if you had only not been so Islamophobic. Leftist idiots remain unchanged through history.

  5. Liberals, Commies, Neo-Cons, Modernists, Feminists, Mohammedans, Sodomites, and Freemasons are under umbrella of NWO. Time for cleansing the earth has begun. Domine Jesu Christe, miserere nobis.

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