One Year Of Faint Meowing (At Best)

Heroic meowing...

It will soon be one year. Not, mind, one year from the infamous publication of the infamous Fornicationis Laetitia. No. One year from an extremely belated request of “clarification” in the form of “Dubia”. An instrument which, weak as it was, would have been sufficient to unleash hell around Pope Francis' pontificate, if the barking had been followed by the biting. As it turned out, and as I write this, the marbles for it were and are just not there.

The faint meowing of the Dubia was followed by… nothing.

And more nothing.

At some point, some more meowing was made public, with the Cardinals (at that point all of them alive) asking a heretical Pope why oh why he does not receive them to allow them to respectfully discuss his heresy. Truly, these people make the first, pre-Gandalf Theoden look like a fearless warrior.

At this point, it is anyone's guess whether something resembling a censure of the Pope will be ever published at all by the two surviving kitten (two of them have gone to their judgment without acting; may the Lord have mercy on their souls).

My take is that at some point we will get – when the two surviving Cardinals have gathered the necessary courage – nothing more than an explanation of what the Church teaches, without any censure of or warning to the Pope, and without any demand that he puts an end to this confusion.

This would be a very little improvement on the total catastrophe of total silence; but would still fall well short of what is required: the denunciation of the paper as heretic, and the warning that the Pope will be declared such unless he recants.

If I want to know what the Church teaches concerning marriage I do not need Cardinal Burke or Brandmüller. The teaching is universally known. What is necessary is the open condemnation of a document going frontally against it, and – if the man does not backpedal – of the man who answers for the document.

Everything else would be very faint meowing, only able to satisfy the most childish Pollyannas.

Count me out, please.



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  1. A cat kicking the kittens. Maike interviewing Archbishop Athanasius, he quotes St. Hilary: “Today, under the pretext of a piety that is false, under the deceptive appearance of a preaching of the Gospel, some people are trying to deny the Lord Jesus. I speak the truth, so that the cause of the confusion that we are suffering may be known to all. I cannot keep silent”

  2. So, if it’s okay to be gay or living in sin under AL and the church should never condemn forever or discriminate against them, then why not say the same thing about racists? After all, if nothing is intrinsically evil any more, then the church cannot condemn racist but must integrate them into the life of the church. There’s nothing that says racists are excluded from the AL.
    So, why then did some many bishops etc condemn white racism after Charlotteville?
    I’m starting to think our Catholic leadership are poor leaders.

    • Very true.
      And Ku Klux Klan especially, as those who sin most are, says The Francis, those God wants to forgive most.
      “I have sinned, and I will sin again”, remember?

  3. You, not answering these bishops makes the pope seem amateurish to say the least. What corporation in the world would do such a thing as refuse to answer to its stakeholders? Maybe it’s the south American way of doing things?

    • Not sure of that.
      Ignoring is the highest form of despise.
      Francis is merely telling them he does not care a straw for them.
      Besides, he knows he has no answers as not even he could give the openly heretical ones.

  4. If the response to the dubia of A.L. was a meow – and deadbolt zero from Francis – what will be the papal response to any dubia attached to the final report/papal document from the upcoming Synod on the Youth (which will certainly “address” homosexuality in spades).

    Francis’ non-response – with his stable of attack prelates – are using this current dubia dust-up as a test case, a template for implementing the (planned) results of the next synod.

    Their take away – regardless of any negativity from the faithful – their groveling “yes” to the LGBTQ besotted world will be rewarded with crowns of earthly glory (and state subsidies). The world will excuse a million molested Catholic boys if their groveled yes rings loud and clear.

    The Synod on the Youth will be a page turner, quite revolutionary, really. Unless . . .

  5. Hold on boys, the Lord may be speaking. We have powerful hurricanes abnormally numerous in number and strength, and earthquakes that rock cities and a world soaked in violence and sodomy, where even children are being corrupted. What will this year of Fatima and blood moons and solar eclipses bring.
    You are right, the Cardinals did only mew, and it’s a great analogy. The horror of an apostate pope paled in comparison to the discovery that there are almost none to defend Christ, the church, the faith, the flock. Almost none. The words thus far have been far short of adequate.
    Homosexuality doesn’t bother these men, nor the buggery of boys and young men. They don’t care about what importing Muslims has done and will do to Christian lands and people, and they don’t care about the rape or enslavement of women and little boys and girls. They don’t care about anything but themselves.

  6. Faggot capital of Florida southern tip, Key West has been hit, next could be NY, LA or SF. Purging time has begun!

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