How Will We Get Out Of This? Some Daydreaming


Sixtus V, “Er Papa Tosto”, or “The Tough Pope”.

In the desperate situation in which we find ourselves today – marked, mark my words, not only by a heretical Pope, but by universal cowardice and acquiescence from the Cardinals and almost all Bishops – one may legitimately wonder how we will ever be able to have a Catholic Pope again. More and more Francis Cardinals, and the cowardice of those who were there already, should, if the Church were not the Barque of Peter, certainly spell her end and cause her to go the way of the Methodists and Quackers. 

However, for God nothing is impossible. Trusting in His promise of Indefectibility, I will try to imagine some of the ways in which He will, when the appointed time has come, right the Barque again. 

  1. Francis dies (please, Lord!). Evil FrancisCardinals want to continue the way of the Francis, but want a smarter guy to do it. They elect a smarter version of Bergoglio. He takes the name Francis II, and many think that all is lost. God converts him to Catholicism.
  2. Francis dies (please, Lord!) and we see another Revolt of the Kitten like at the first Synod. Cardinals are terrified of another Francis and decide to go back to the old ways, electing another Ratzinger or JP II guy. God finishes to convert him to Catholicism. 
  3. Francis dies (please, Lord!) and the Cardinals elect a guy like Sixtus V: allegedly old, frail, innocuous, manipulable, and not around for long. The man turns out to be like the real Sixtus V: strong, energetic, fearless, and pretending to be frail, innocuous and about to depart this vale of tears to get a chance at the office.
  4. Francis dies (please, Lord!). God works on the Cardinals to let them elect a Pope that puts an end to creeping Schism and elect a strong guy able to get order, like John Paul I was believed to be after the weak Paul VI. God finishes to convert him to Catholicism.
  5. Francis dies (please, Lord!), and God sends to the Cardinals in conclave the most atrocious nightmares about hell. They talk nonsense to each other during the day and are terrified at night, but no one tells the others because they are ashamed of it. Suddenly they converge on a man who is terrified himself. God finishes to convert him to Catholicism.

This is just a short reflection to bring a smile to your face. In the end, God can do everything, and when He in His wisdom has decided that we have been punished for long enough He will set things right. 

We, the faithful, do what the name says: we remain faithful to the faith of our fathers, and wish Francis and his minions a speedy departure from this vale of tears and the destination God has already appointed for them.


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  1. It did bring a smile and I am especially drawn to option 3. Of course God is in charge and the Church is indefectible. When we ponder that the gates of hell will not prevail, how close to the edge are we when malefactors like Bergoglio enshrine evil (situational ethics) in Catholic institutes like he just did with AL and his new Pontifical “Family Sciences” institute? (Doesn’t that name give you the heebie-jeebies?)

    For years we could have the institute promulgating birth control, gender ideology, etc. My family and friends will be gleeful when the institute ratifies all manner of sin as they are big boosters of birth control, climate change and same-sex marriage. All are Mass attending Catholics. I view it as God’s chastisement but then I’m just the “fanatic” among them.

  2. Mundabor, these are really hopeful conclave scenarios. I was also thinking along the lines of item 3, whereby the cardinals voted for someone whom they thought was a fellow modernist, but was in reality an orthodox traditionalist at heart; a stealth candidate, so to speak. That’s all it would take to overturn Francis’ mess. The new pope could rescind AL and the other heretical pronouncements, errors, and changes made by Francis, as well as fire Francis’ yes-men and hire his own prefects and advisors. However it turns out, Almighty God is in charge, and He will decide when, and if, the faithful get a reprieve from the evil clown’s clones. We need to keep the faith, pray, and resist and denounce evil from wherever it comes.

  3. 6. Going PC, the Cardinals elect a Third World pope from Africa (not Cardinal Sarah) who mouths the Marxist Francisblather. But once in office, Francis II skips politics, economics and climate change to concentrate on restoring the Church by, for starters, condemning Amoris Laetitia and bringing back the Tridentine Mass big time.

  4. Coda: The new African Pope Francis II came from a tribe of cannibals converted just 30 years ago. When the heretical Cardinals connive with the EU and other power centers to blackmail Francis II, they send spies to his tribe, who cook and eat the spies.

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