There Can Be No Neutrality Between Christ And Satan

Half dozen Jesuits



After “Faggotgate”, and the ruckus following the disinvitation of Sister Jeanine Martin, Society of Faggots, from several speaking engagements, I knew the usual fake conservative, middle of the wrong road, allegedly reasonable voices would speak up. “Do not quarrel, children!”, and the like.

It allows them to look good on the cheap, you know.

Well, no.

We live in a time of conflict, and this conflict requires each and everyone of us to take side and say whether we side with Christ or Satan. There can be no neutrality between Father Martin and Father Zuhlsdorf, nor is silence an acceptable option. One must say where he stands on the issue, and on such issue no one, not even my cat, can sit on the fence and feign,mor profess, neutrality.

The milquetoast side of Catholic blogging keeps thinking that niceness is a sort of absolute value. It isn't. Niceness is a “nice to have” and nothing more. If you read the Gospel, Christ's words emerge as brutally frank on so many occasions that it is impossible to think he would allow niceness to stand anywhere in the way of Truth.

Nor is the conflict now openly lacerating the Church in need of any niceness. The enemy must be defeated, not be treated nicely.

Throw at them your anger and your mocking. Cover them in ridicule. Expose them in any way you can.

Forget niceness. This is no tea at the vicarage, and most certainly no time for niceness.

When you die you will not be judged according to how nice you were. You will be judged according to where you died one of Father Z ones, or one of those of Father James “Liberace” Martin, Society of Fags.

And there is no place in the middle whatsoever.



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  1. Well-said—“The middle-of-the-wrong-road” fake conservative Catholic, “looking good on the cheap”, the “Dont-quarrel,children,”-types.

    Allow me to add my own descrip, the “checked-pants Catholic”, the fundamentally-submissive-type who desperately needs the warm smile from the pastor and the bishop at weekly functions, admission to all church events, but will ashamedly run off in the olive garden when the temple guards show.

  2. It’s time to ‘suit up’. Don’t bring your gun to a knife fight, but at the same token, don’t bring your knife to a gunfight either! Defend the faith BOLDLY. Time to rock and roll!

  3. Agreed! I cannot stand the emphasis on niceness, it is obviously a diabolical influence on our stupid culture. It is one of those middle of the road values, but it means nothing, and it indicates a confused people, a people who think poking one’s private parts into a person of the same sex is perhaps more pleasing to God than showing anger over a righteous cause. Another ridiculous virtue is positivity. God forbid you get serious about a topic today in many circles. The people who do are quickly chastened to lighten up and stop worrying.
    Moral confusion, all around.

  4. Jesus Christ is not nice. He is the way, the truth and the life. So must we, who follow Him, be.
    It is nice to be nice at the Queen’s tea party, but when sodomites have taken over our schools, our media, our government and our churches. there can be no better time to be truthful. People addicted to sodomy must fight their addiction. A Catholic accepts his cross and follows Christ.

    These sodomites who mock God and their open-minded supporters are beginning to act as “nice” toward real Catholics as Jesus’ persecutors were.

    The fagot billionaire Tim Gill, who for decades has been pouring a fortune into promotion of sodomy behind our backs, so that its progress would seem grass-roots, recently announced in the “Rolling Stone” that we have now entered a new stage in the sodomy revolution – that of “punishing the wicked”, meaning those opposing the march of sodomy.

    James Martin not only knows about this plan, he supports it. I do not know it for sure, but I am risking this assumption at my own peril. He is too involved in the cause to be unaware of this stage in the fight. He is also aware of all the unfortunate children procured and adopted by “married” sodomites.

  5. James Martin is a faggot himself, not just someone who supports them. I’m glad you point that out. I got banned from lifesitenews for commenting that Martin is a homo and not just a supporter of homos. LSN capitulate to fags like Martin when they ban people who proclaim the absolute truth about perverts such as him.

    • The comments on this blog reflect the opinion of the commenter.

      Although in this case is fairly absurd not to agree with him.

      If he walks like a fag, swims like a fag and whines like a fag….

  6. Fr.Nice is not a nice person and would love to bring a lawsuit against lifesite news. They’ve already fought at least on expensive lawsuit with a Canadian priest. Also, it’s ironic since I’ve always found ‘nice’ sorts really offensive since high school (from reading Jane Austen I suppose)that I’m trying really hard now not to use sarcasm and hard words. What I really find insufferable are the bishops and cardinals who are supposed to be shepherds protecting the Church and her people. Cd.Cupich should be de-frocked and cast out of the Church. These wolves are enabling the Fr.Martins to promulgate heresy and scandal. Anyway, my prayer is for God’s perfect Will to be done. I wish people would stop praying for what they want the pope and bishops to be and instead pray for God’s Will to be done and the works of satan to be undone. We should all trust God more and ourselves and our bishops less.

  7. Thanks God, you’re brave, different and having excellent common senses from the sexual -perverting, brain-dead, evil-possessed priests who are insulting and blaspheming Jesus and trying to eliminate RCC. Grateful for speaking out loud for us and in fighting fiercely against Church’s enemies within. It’s amazed to see you who are not struck with mental deviation, surrender yourself before their master, God of money, fame, power and sodomitic sex. May God be always with you, M. “Victory for righteous is judgement for wicked.” (The Lord told Mark Taylor).

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