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Meet The Eternal Losers



Some people truly are not to be helped.

They complain – faintly, lest they happen to appear too Catholic – about Francis' antics. But do they want a solution? No. What they want is what they do best: whine and do nothing. They are the professional losers of all times : no guts, no heart, and no brain. Big whine, though.

A gift from Providence was given to us in the form of the Filial Correction, and do you think the Eternal Losers are happy? 'Course not!

Being lazy asses, they do not conceive of having to fight for something. They think and expect that solutions simply fall on their lap. This cowardice and laziness is conveniently hidden behind a very thin veneer of fake piety. “The only thing we can do is pray”, say the one who has no guts to act. “This will not obtain any result”, say the one who expects that results just happen out of nothing. “This will damage Cardinal Burke's work”, say the one eternally happy with professional doing-nothing.

Boy, what a bunch of spineless, lazy losers. They can't even be bothered to support excellent work already done for the good of their own salvation! It is, clearly, too much to ask this bunch of invertebrates to take a principled stand, once in their lifetime, risking (horribile dictu!) disagreement with other people and to appear … Rigid!!

These people are the NeverTrumpers of Catholicism.

It is good that the authors and signatories of the Filial Correction knew all this was coming, and that they would be met by the whining and whinging of the eternal, lazy cowards and losers.

But they also knew, I am sure, that there would be an awful lot of bloggers, commenters, simple people, mothers and fathers, for whom fear of the Lord comes before fear of conflict. They will keep the volume very loud on this beautiful, historic document, and will not allow Francis and his minions to ignore it without inflicting further damage to his already bombed papacy.

One day, when the battle is won, the Eternal Losers will be the first to tell you how much they supported everything the others did. But you read their comments now, on Father Z's blog and elsewhere, and you know that they have always been, and always will be, the lazy, comfortable, cowardly helpers of Francis they are now.

The battle lines have been drawn. There is no place for tepid whining now. They are with the Filial Correction and Christ, or with Francis and Satan.

The true Catholics have only one thing to do: stand to attention before Christ and cry:





Correction: First Instructions For Use

How To Cope With A Heretical Pope


Correction: Spread The Word! (¡Hagan Lío !)

The bomb which has exploded yesterday can do an awful lot to contain the tidal wave of Francis' heresies.

The effect for the posterity is already assured: in one thousand years, church historians and theologians will write about it. There is no Francis can recover unless by full retractation, which he will obviously not do.

The effect for our situation will depend on the resonance of this initiative. You can do your bit by emailing the correction to your friends and family, and giving it ample publicity elsewhere.

It is necessary that this correction becomes the talk of the town if we want its effect to be felt in our everyday life. As it has happened with Catholic blogging at large, at some point even the MSM will have to inform about this. Then the world will stun, observing the ruins of a totally discredited Papacy. Not, mind, of the Papacy as an institution, but of this particular Papacy as carried out by a heretical ass.

Spread the word. Mail around. Share and tweet at your heart's content.

¡Hagan lío!



If I Were Pope

After reading The terrifying report published yesterday about the practices of sodomites and their consequences, a simple thought came to my mind.

If I were Pope, I would get the Father Martins of the world – the list is long both inside and outside of the Vatican – and a number of bishops and cardinals around the world (McElroy and Cupich immediately come to mind; I would add Woelki and Marx to the mix, and Kasper too) and have their rectum carefully visited by doctors above suspicion.

It would be a very fast way to expose and uproot great part of the “gay Mafia”.


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