Correction: Spread The Word! (¡Hagan Lío !)

The bomb which has exploded yesterday can do an awful lot to contain the tidal wave of Francis' heresies.

The effect for the posterity is already assured: in one thousand years, church historians and theologians will write about it. There is no Francis can recover unless by full retractation, which he will obviously not do.

The effect for our situation will depend on the resonance of this initiative. You can do your bit by emailing the correction to your friends and family, and giving it ample publicity elsewhere.

It is necessary that this correction becomes the talk of the town if we want its effect to be felt in our everyday life. As it has happened with Catholic blogging at large, at some point even the MSM will have to inform about this. Then the world will stun, observing the ruins of a totally discredited Papacy. Not, mind, of the Papacy as an institution, but of this particular Papacy as carried out by a heretical ass.

Spread the word. Mail around. Share and tweet at your heart's content.

¡Hagan lío!



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  1. There’s one addition to the Fraternal Correction that would have made the document perfect – if the letter had started with the words, “The Holy Spirit has inspired us to write these words to you!” Let PF know he isn’t the only one who hears from the Holy Spirit.

  2. Mundabor this is a good article we translate in Spanish but can you remove the bad word it is enough with say Heretic because there is not worse than that Thanks

    • What you call bad words are integral part of the assertive, masculine way this blog is run.
      Consider it an antidote to the religion of niceness and political correctness now present everywhere.
      I have written several posts on the matter of language. You may want to use the search function.

  3. My earlier comment was indeed meant to be ironic. Pope Francis says it is the Holy Spirit who is inspiring him to make all of these changes – remember he told us the Holy Spirit is the God of surprises? Well, if the Holy Spirit can inspire PF He also can inspire us with the news that Jorge is nuts. Sensus fidei and all that, as Lumen Gentium would say.

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