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Francis Is The Vomit Of Vatican II.

A faithless, envious, proto-Communist old man is made Pope.

His papacy becomes a rapid succession of half-heretical statements and wink-wink to the wordly society whose approval he seeks.

After three years, the most astonishing papal document is released. He is the first Pope who refuses to clarify the content of a document he has written himself.

As confusion increases he is, again, the first Pope in 700 years to be officially rebuked by lay scholars for his objective support to heresy. He still does nothing but rant against Catholic in a more and more did ordinate way.

The church hierarchy is silent, in the most astonishing betrayal of Christ since the time of Judas.

This is how history will judge this papacy and these bishops and cardinals.


This papacy is done. Its reputation has imploded like a Central American military junta. It will be remembered as the Banana Republic Pontificate. It does not really matter – in the long term – for how long these buffoons will stay in power. It is now obvious that the Church has started to vomit Vatican II out of Her body, and whilst the process will be long and painful, I have no doubt it will end with a purification from the toxins of Vatican II.

Francis is the vomit of V II finally coming out of the drunken Church of the last 55 years. There is now no way the edifice of Vatican II can survive its bastard offspring. When sanity comes back, everyone will see what has caused all this: the Second Vatican Council and its work of doctrinal and liturgical demolition.

In a way, a disgrace like Francis is useful to help overcome the crisis. At least, this vomit wants out. With John Paul and Benedict the body was poisoned already, but no hope of getting rid of the toxins.

Francis and, perhaps, his successors will ruin V II so thoroughly, so completely, that the return to sanity after this crisis will be the most natural thing in the world. And if you ask me, I prefer having to go through Francis II Cupich, and then sanity, rather than through another dozen Benedicts still demolishing the church in pretty much the same way, but in slow motion, for the next who knows how many years.

Better a morning of vomiting than two weeks of drunkenness. At some point, everything will be vomited out.

Including this vomit of a pope.



Alabama Senate Race: MAGA Stronger Than Ever!

Excellent news from Alabama as I woke up this morning.

The election as Republican candidate (and therefore sure winner) of Roy Moore for the Senate seat sends an extremely powerful message to the Republican establishment: Trump is not the movement.

The movement finds in Trump, on most occasions, an extremely valid representative. But Trump cannot decide how much of it he wants. The rediscovery of patriotic and religious values has now every chance of sweeping the Southern States and reinvigorate some Northern ones, changing the balance of power in both the Senate and the House in 2018. This, as the Democraps seem to have sunk into a spiral of anti-Americanism for which they are going to pay a steep price.

Trump is not the movement. Whilst politics is, as Giulio Andreotti famously said, “the art of the possible”, it is not the art of Jared and Ivanka, or Cohn and Tillerson, or Ryan and McConnell, to slowly steer Trump in a swamp-ish direction one “smart” compromise at a time.

Smart, Trump certainly is. It can be that he endorsed Strange in exchange for Establishment Republican support on other matters like the tax reform. But it was still wrong to support an establishment candidate, and it is still true that the message has come loud and clear: Trump will not be able to tell the grassroots what to do with the movement, or decide about the doses of the medicine.

Did he foresee, and even desire, the result? Maybe, maybe not. He is smart enough to accept a seeming defeat for advantages of various kind, both in the short and long term. But he is not smart enough to avoid many of his voters doubting his motives on DACA or illegal immigration in general, or asking why on earth Jaranka is not asked to pack and go back to New York, sharpish.

You can flip it as you want, but a fact remains: Trump has been taught a lesson by the movement he has so brilliantly brought to success. Bannon, Palin, Farage all supported Moore. They will keep supporting good candidates in 2018 in both Senate and House racing, whether Trump likes them or not. They will sway a number of races in the right direction, sending to Washington a troop of valiant soldiers whose loyalty to the King lies in being more Royalist than the King, because what they most care for is the Kingdom. The movement is Sessions and Bannon, Palin and Gorka, Moore and, yes, Farage. Trump is its hero and spearhead, but he is not its helmsman.

It started with Brexit. It did not finish with Trump's election.


The Filial Correction And The Cardinals

Firstly, let us make one thing clear: the Filial Correction is an initiative of the laity, to which some priests and bishops have given their support. If any group of Cardinals were to also lend their support, the character of the initiative would unavoidably switch to the one of a fraternal (not filial) correction.


1. No bishop or Cardinal is still exempted from giving support to the petition (though he might say that he does not want to sign it in order not to put in the shade the character of the document: a righteous reaction of the laity in front of the heresies of the Pope and the silence of the church hierarchies).

2. It must be clear to everyone that it is only the unjustifiable silence of the clergy that caused this initiative in the first place. If our bishops and cardinals had done their job starting in April 2016, there would have been no need of any filial correction in the fist place.

I find it, therefore, not credible to theorise that this is a sort of 3D chess exercise, in which the same people who were cowardly silent for one year and a half would concoct an elaborate strategy based on them not doing their job, the laity doing their job for them and they finally intervening when even my cat has understood what useless tool they are.

The Cardinals have been caught sleeping or, rather, trembling.

This initiative might now force them to grow whatever pair they are still able to grow. But make no mistake: the filial correction is the fruit of unprecedented treason of our shepherds, and no 3D chess excuses will be tolerated or accepted.



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