The Filial Correction And The Cardinals

Firstly, let us make one thing clear: the Filial Correction is an initiative of the laity, to which some priests and bishops have given their support. If any group of Cardinals were to also lend their support, the character of the initiative would unavoidably switch to the one of a fraternal (not filial) correction.


1. No bishop or Cardinal is still exempted from giving support to the petition (though he might say that he does not want to sign it in order not to put in the shade the character of the document: a righteous reaction of the laity in front of the heresies of the Pope and the silence of the church hierarchies).

2. It must be clear to everyone that it is only the unjustifiable silence of the clergy that caused this initiative in the first place. If our bishops and cardinals had done their job starting in April 2016, there would have been no need of any filial correction in the fist place.

I find it, therefore, not credible to theorise that this is a sort of 3D chess exercise, in which the same people who were cowardly silent for one year and a half would concoct an elaborate strategy based on them not doing their job, the laity doing their job for them and they finally intervening when even my cat has understood what useless tool they are.

The Cardinals have been caught sleeping or, rather, trembling.

This initiative might now force them to grow whatever pair they are still able to grow. But make no mistake: the filial correction is the fruit of unprecedented treason of our shepherds, and no 3D chess excuses will be tolerated or accepted.



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  1. Hear hear! Or is it here here, I never know.

    Correct O wise Mundabor, these prelates, they are shameful examples of men, but I do not believe them all wimpering self-protecting sycophants, many of them are true believers in this apostate’s wreck-o-vation of the faith, they want it. Thankfully we don’t have to sort them out, God will, but we will know who is on God’s side by the formal correction that we simply must have and must have soon! We must keep the heat on, the remaining Cardinals and whoever will, must organize a formal correction! It has come down to, if your name is on that list, you are with God, with us, if not, you have made it clear enough.
    Sheep on the right, goats on the left please.

  2. Hear, hear! It it used incorrectly so often I begin to wonder if anyone really knows what it even means. The USAF (and maybe the rest of the US military services) has borrowed this from Parliament, and is used at formal parties and such.

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