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After The Filial Correction

The Filial Correction has already blown in the air Francis' reputation like he's one of those Muslim terrorists he so loves to help.

However, the man is still operative and able, as long as he lives, to inflict more damage on Catholics. It is, therefore, fitting to see what the next moves might be.

The first is that the Wet Kitten, humiliated by the reaction of the laity in front of their silence, decide to grow something vaguely resembling a pair and to make their own – this time, fraternal, as they are bishops – correction. It would not scare Francis much as it would be done by people who have given abundant show of cowardice, but you never know what can happen. The ways of the Lord and all that.

The second is that the lay scholars declare, after a while, Pope Francis pertinacious in his heresies, and invite the bishops to depose him. Which won't happen, but will be another set of massive nails in the coffin of this Pontificate.

In both cases we would see Francis not only further entrenched in his homoerotic corner – together with the likes of Rosica, Martin and The “Tucho” Fernandez guy – but less and less able to steer the barque towards the rocks, as at this point the risk of the damn breaking suddenly in fall of Berlin Wall style would be too big and even his prostituted German Cardinals would ask him to stand back, or perhaps even step back.

We need to keep the attention focused on the Correction and to keep demanding of our castrated shepherds that they start doing their job already.

Hope, pray, don't worry, and keep up the pressure.



De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum

Roast Bunny, I am afraid....

(From a “Breitbart” commenter)

Hugh Hefner has died.

I bet he wasn't as stiff in a long time.



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