De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum

Roast Bunny, I am afraid....

(From a “Breitbart” commenter)

Hugh Hefner has died.

I bet he wasn't as stiff in a long time.



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  1. If something good can be said about him, he wasn’t very sympathetic towards unnatural sex. He was a “classical” hedonist, who knew (or at least somehow sensed) that there is a natural order, and there can’t be no real pleasure going against it. Probably it won’t be of many use, but I prayed for him.

  2. 😂🤣😂🤣

  3. No, I was wrong, a quick search showed that already in the 50’s he was an advocate of “gay rights”. So it’s really hard to find something good to say about him…

    • Those who speak well of him report astonishing affirmations about his being proud of having made sex totally, in the end, separated from God and purely meant for satisfaction. One wishes salvation to everyone, but this one has a very uphill battle. Which won’t even be one, as the very moment of his death he will have known. one shudders at the thought.

  4. Sodomy is a highest level of sexual perversion, check on Hollywood people.

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