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Inequality, Francis And God

Hhhmmm... Who is that guy?



The Evil Clown unceasing complains about social inequalities. It might be good to give him a much-needed lesson in basic Christianity.

There is no “equality” in Paradise. Even saints are very different to each other in their degree of saintliness. They consequently enjoy the Beatific Vision in different ways according to the spiritual condition in which they were when they died; a condition that cannot be changed after death. Where the tree falls, there it remains.

Yes, Jorge dear: there are saints who are “more saints” and saints who are “less saints” in Paradise, because God wants it so. God is, as you should know, not “egalitarian” at all.

If, therefore, it is established that infinite goods like the Beatific Vision are given in different measure to different people, how can it be of any real relevance that the infinitely less important – and, sub specie aeternitatis, infinitely unimportant – material goods are allotted to us in extremely different ways?

You would think Francis would know this, and in fact I am entirely sure that he does. The problem is that he does not believe it. Only one who does not believe in heaven and hell, only one who does not believe in God can think that the most important thing in life is to provide for “equality” of any sort. Mind, even an Atheist can disagree with this; but, importantly, no one who believes in God can agree with it.

Francis obsession with inequality is brutal evidence of his complete lack of faith in God, who pushes and decrees inequality in matters if infinite value. Egalitarianism is sheer atheism. Communism is just a variation of it.

This Pope is an enemy of the Faith. He despises it possibly more than Marx and Engels did, then I wonder whether Marx and Engels themselves went around unceasingly berating, insulting, despising pious Chritians or pious Catholics.

This Pope is utter and complete rubbish. He is Satan's Number One Tool (and a tool he certainly is).

It is necessary that every Catholic interested in his salvation considers him pure poison and a daily danger to his and his beloved ones' salvation. The man is, being Pope, worse poison than Marx and Engels.

Inequality is in everything: our looks, our brains, our finances, our graces.

God wants it so.

What a stupid, petty, faithless, communist Pope we have.



De Mortuis Nil Nisi Bonum, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi Edition

All in smoke now...

And it came to pass that Hugh Hefner was buried in the tomb near Marilyn Monroe, in a place bought at great expense many years ago.

The man justified the purchase, it appears, saying that the price was a bargain for the opportunity to stay near Marilyn Monroe in eternity.

I am afraid there was no need to pay.

Monroe died, if memory serves, of more or less alcohol-fuelled suicide, after a life spent taking care of male genitals to progress her career (a fact of which we are informed from her very letters to a female friend) and sleeping with at least one very powerful, married man (and his brother) when the great success was, at such greatly disgusting cost, achieved. No sign of conversion left and right.

Hefner clearly pushed an entirely anti-Christian agenda for all his very long life; not presenting himself as a man with the weaknesses of men, but as an ideological, programmatic, very lucid sinner: a liberator of people (of both sexes) from the constraints of an oppressive society. The huge promiscuity and even creeping polygamy that went on in that house for years is here mentioned only en passant. No sign of conversion whatsoever here, too.

One can, therefore, consider it highly probable that the two will, in fact, have to spend an entire eternity in each other's company.

However, I doubt it will be nearly as much fun as Hefner's extremely lavish (to say the least) parties.



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