Keep Losing, Libtards!

The sad events in Las Vegas (a prayer for the victim is here in order) will, no doubt, move the abortion-cum-sodomy complex to try another push for gun control. I can easily imagine that the stupidest among the already stupid US bishops will follow them.

What neither the first nor the second group of intellectually and/or doctrinally challenged people realise is that the Country is now not only solidly marching in a pro gun direction, but is also less and less ready to swallow the aggressive fake narrative of the Nazi Libtards. This will, like all other recent occasions, translate in another defeat for them and another victory for freedom. The more controversy they create, the harder they will lose.

Ask the NFL.

Ideally, for us, we would have our most stupid US bishops embrace the seamless garment lie. When they do so, the Catholic population will realise, from their utter stupidity, how stupid their silence towards, or defence of, Amoris Laetitia is, then a bishop who can't make a difference between abortion and the natural right to defend oneself is clearly too dumb to be trusted in everything that has not been shouted for 2000 years before him.

Scream at pleasure, dear Libtards. Make some lio. Have the entire body of dumb V II, Amoris Laetitia bishops link their wagon to yours.

It will open the eyes of a lot of people.



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  1. I don’t think they care anymore, and I mean, at all. They respond to emptying churches by doubling down on Franciferian idiocy. The loss in the coffers, the emptying pews, the letters from confused laity, none of it matters to them. They are paid by the US government now, to take in immigrants, and God knows what other money they are getting from Jeffrey Sachs et al, so they have developed tunnel vision about the agenda. I do believe these feckless bishops are not merely sycophants, they believe this Marxist claptrap. Our bishops seem like Communists, all. We no longer know them. They appear more droids or drones than our beloved bishops. Did those days really exist? They seem far away.

    How can these men, knowing history, seeing where we are and having knowledge of all the problems Islam is bringing to Europe, to the world, continue to yammer about bringing in more Islamists to our homelands. How dare they show such insensitivity to the suffering that has already occurred, and have the audacity to promote it still. Even in terms of demographics they should have concerns for Christianity and Christians, but that seems nonexistent.
    The bishops show not just a shockingly casual attitude toward the Christian West, one must go so far as to wonder how deep and possibly evil a plan this is, since there can be no rational explanation for their attitude in light of what we all know now.

    • Loss of faith, careerism, funds chasing and sheer prostitution to the prevailing (and not even so much) ideology are, if you ask me, the reason. Every halfway decent bishop of even 30 years ago would have been terrified at speaking like these Judas and morons.

  2. The lying lame stream fake news media is responsible for 95 % of the shootings. They give the shooter 24/7 praise and hope to encourage more shooters.

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