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The Islamisation Prize 2017 is About To Be Announced. Will Francis Be Numero Uno?


Meet the Candidate 


Who will be the man (or woman) who has done most to islamise the world in 2017? This is the question the members of the “Peace Research Institute” in Oslo are now posing to each other as they decide the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2017: Pope Francis perhaps? Angela Merkel? The UN High Commission for Islamisation? 

As a first-class boot-licker of the Muslims, it is obvious that our very own Evil Clown should be in the running. He has been more or less since 2013 but alas, he never made it. However, his more and more vicious rhetoric should put him in a good position for 2017, as one entire year of relentless attack to Christian civilisation is approvingly looked upon by the august, peace-loving members of the institute. And he has attacked Trump viciously, to boot. 

I am pretty sure that Francis is very excited and hopeful now. An atheist like him must see in acknowledgments like the Nobel Peace prize the real accomplishment of his life, and being Pope – that is: the head of an organisation he loathes – merely a way to get the approval of the socialist, atheist, degenerate society. 

I can see the man walking to and fro in the august chambers of the Vatican. Hoping, fearing, fretting, waiting to see whether the world will give him one of the highest worldly prizes. 

Oh, the honour! Being seen by the world as so much one of them! The first Pope who is not the enemy of the world but is, quite officially, proclaimed its best friend!

Hope, Francis dear. Hope as hard as you can.

One day pretty soon, if you are in hell, you might remember those hours, and it might give you some consolation amidst pains and suffering that will go on forever. 

“I was the darling of the world once”, he will say to the damned souls around him; souls who will hate him, and whom he will hate with an evil passion. “I was the 2017 Peace Nobel Prize Winner! You should respect me! Cabrones! Maricas! Hijos de Puta!”

But for now, Francis dear, enjoy the show. You are running for The Nnobel prize as you demolish the church and promote heresy, faithlessness and Islam. 

I am sure to you it feels grand. 




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