The Undeserved Rainbow

And it came to pass that Your Humble Correspondent had to drive (which I always try to avoid) on the notorious M25, London's Orbital Motorway.

There was light rain. As I drove in, a huge rainbow presented itself to me. Its colours were so vivid, so defined, that it seemed literally painted in the sky.

As I kept driving, following the motorway's sinuous route, the rainbow kept moving its position relative to me, remaining still unbelievably defined. The other end of the rainbow appeared. At some point, due to the flowing of the road, I could admire all of it, from end to end. It was a thing of beauty, and a powerful reminder of a Higher Power.

After a while the rain started getting stronger and stronger, and I was treated to another spectacle: this wonder of nature slowly disappearing, gradually dissolving in the dark grey sky. The like of this I had never seen.

The biblical story of the rainbow was told to me still in kindergarten, and never have I watched one without being reminded of it. It was another way how, in a then Catholic Country, the right thinking was instilled in the mind of children.

It is so sad to think that most of today's London children – probably the majority of them not even baptised, certainly the vast majority of them deprived of decent religious education – would, on seeing a rainbow, instantly thinking of “the gay”, thus giving another little contribution to the normalisation of perversion around them and, for some, inside them.

Londonistan is in a bad shape. As the city is so powerful and so successful as possibly never before (the height of the Victorian Era might be the only exception), it perverts its children as it sinks in an abyss of atheism, advancing islamisation and multicultural rubbish. It does not deserve the wonderful rainbows gifted to it by a good and patient, but always just God.



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  1. What a wonderful gift for you! You write and labor for the Lord, and in His mercy and love and kindness, He gave to you something to inspire you and bless you! These things make life sweet indeed, the memory of them can last a lifetime.
    Yes, poor children today. Surely we are at the end of our own road, when we purposefully corrupt our innocent little ones. God help them!

  2. What beauty in the midst of such spiritual filth. Yes, a sign of a kind, generous and lovely God.. it’s a pity they do not know Him:+( God bless~

  3. I teach art to young children and let me tell you, children universally love rainbows. They LOVE them. Choosing a rainbow as a symbol for perversion is diabolically abusive to children and “they” did it on purpose. It really pisses me off! (excuse my French)

  4. God is purifying the earth now. All evil corrupted, sexual perverted people of NWO have been exposed. Thanks God for intervening.

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