Capital Punishment: The Slippery Slope

The Pontiff is here seen examining the Catechism.

The latest episode of the sad TV show “V II Is The Root Of The Present Crisis” deals with Capital Punishment.

Yes, Francis is imagining a parallel religion, and calls it Catholicism because he wants to con you. Yes, the Church has always supported the Capital Punishment, as do common sense and elementary sense of justice. Yes, the Papal States had capital punishment and used it.

Still, the papal heterodoxy in the matter has not begun with Francis. It has begun with JP II The FrancisSaint, who thought it appropriate to validate a dumb sociological approach to a simple matter of eternal truth end elementary justice, stating that whilst capital punishment remains in theory applicable, in practice bla bla and blablabla with modern correction methods more bla it appears difficult blablablablaaaaa.

The rape of truth begins with sociological analysis. The utter denial is merely the unavoidable consequence of this forma mentis.

What JPII either did not or would not get is that what the Church has always believed and practiced is accepted first and thoroughly understood second, not bent to the fashions of the age.

JP II represent the first generation of dissent. Francis represents the second, made more aggressive by thirty years of truth manipulation.

Alas, the TV show will go on. But remember, it started in the Sixties, not in 2013.



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  1. So I am guessing that Bergolio won’t be filling the currently vacant Office of the Executioner for the Papal States!

  2. “JP II represent the first generation of dissent. Francis represents the second,..”

    I would revise it to “J XXIII represent the first generation of dissent, JP II represents the second and Francis represents the third,…”

    Or you could use P VI. I find very little redeeming attributes to either of their reigns and only the seeds of dissent and the fostering of and protection of those in dissent.

    JP II promoted many worthless men to Bishop and Cardinal, including the current Pretender.

  3. “Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”
    Samuel Johnson, remarking on the hanging of Anglican Clergyman Dr. William Dodd (convicted of a loan scam)

    Perhaps concentrating the mind even to the point of dreading the pains of Hell, followed soon after by repentance, conversion, confession, absolution, salvation. On the other hand, facing many years in prison, perhaps a person might remain indifferent or worse. Which is more merciful? Hanging or 50 years give or take in prison, probably becoming insane?

  4. Still, capital punishment is permissible according to official Church teaching, right? Do you think it will eventually be not allowed by the Church? How would it be declared a dogma, papal pronouncement or document (encyclical)?


    • A false dogma is not a dogma, a false teaching is not a teaching.
      A pope trying to (note:trying to) proclaim a false dogma would simply excommunicate himself and the seat would be vacant

  5. 72 men died in a prison riot in Cadereyta, in the State of Nuevo León, Mexico last year. A few days ago over 30 more died in another prison riot in the same state, less than one year after the former. When dead penalty was allowed by law, the number of persons condemned to a death sentence never reached these numbers in the whole of Mexico in one year, and prison riots were rare. Less number of lives would be lost and less number of men would commit crimes meriting going to prison if the death sentence were allowed and enforced.

  6. Do you think he is creating the apostate Church?

    • No.
      I think he is an atheist son of an easy woman who wants to enjoy his last years doing what he always dreamt he could do: insult and betray the church at whose expense he has scrounged an entire life.

  7. Is there no end to this man’s tampering with the Church? I think his latest cause is less about the death penalty per se, and more about setting a precedent of having the ability to change the Catechism, something he and his minions are itching to do. But regarding Francis’ anti-death penalty stance, he’s already halfway down that slippery slope because he’s also against the life sentence without parole. Sad to say, but even the donkey has more common sense.

  8. You meant that the donkey is much more honest than him?

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