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REBLOG: Four Cardinals, Five Dubia, And No End Of Meowing

It has been revealed whilst I was (I think) sleeping that on the 25 April the Four Kitten have addressed another letter to the Unholy Father.

I read the letter and the only thing I saw in it is more meowing from supposed princes of the Church who have put themselves in an embarrassing position and do not know how to get out of it. What they should do (there is only one thing they can do: denounce the document as materially heretical: all the rest is useless blabber) they do not have the nerve to do. What Francis could do (save their face in some way, hinting that they are right) he does not even dream of doing.

I also note the letter does not contain any kind of warning, much less an ultimatum. No, what this is is a very weak request to Francis to please help them to get out of their troubles. Finally, I note that the letter is now almost two months old, and was utterly ignored just like the Dubia.

Message for the kitten Cardinals: Francis is ignoring you. Wake up already.

The situation is now utterly unreal. The Kitten ask Francis to please give them an audience after he has ignored them. As next move I suggest a letter asking an audience to discuss whether he has read the second letter. After that, we will probably see a fourth letter asking whether the third letter was received in the first place. Kafkaesque.

Let me say this once again: the only thing the Cardinal have to do and should have done many months ago is to denounce the document as materially heretical and demand from the Pope that he either set thing straight or be declared a heretic himself. All the rest is useless kitten meowing after fourteen months of unspeakable confusion and sabotage of the Church.

Please, dear Cardinals, stop meowing and grow a pair already. You are supposed to be Princes of the Church, not whining kitten.



Your Grace, Please Stop Faffing Around!

You can’t believe this. 

400 days since the Dubia were given to the Evil Clown, and we are still in front of this endless blabbing and faffing about instead of doing the only thing that is not only expected, but demanded: publicly denounce Amoris Laetitia as a heretical document on countless counts and demand that the Pope recant the heretical statements therein contained, lest he be declared a heretic himself. 

Pray for Cardinal Burke; that, miraculously, this kitten may, one day, wake up a lion. 


Miss Hindenburg And Campus Culture

“How are you today?”


The article linked in this blog post may seem written for “The Onion”, but it isn’t. I think, in fact, that the people therein described take themselves seriously. 

Yours truly will now, completely free of charge, examine for you what is happening here. 

There are people in their teens who are so obscenely fat that they do not fit below the college desk, cannot find university-branded clothes in their (vast) size, cannot fit in bus seats, and the like. Basically, we are here in front of monstrous, self-inflicted deformity directly resulting from utter lack of the most basic self-discipline.  Children of three in the body of a teenager. 

Even the politically correct university culture realises perfectly well that this is the case. Therefore, they try to help. Not in the proper, sensible way, the way that was used in all ages before ours to deal, very effectively I must add, with the problem (“Hi, Miss Hindenburg! How are you today?”), but with the usual, PC-way of giving polite suggestions to people who carry around with themselves the 300 pound evidence that they not only do not want, but think they do not need any.

Unavoidably, the three years old are now offended. Even being told that there is something they could do about it (ground-breaking, civilisation-shattering things like eating less and better, and exercising more) is something that “damages a lot of young women’s self-esteem”. God forbid that USS Ronald Reagan should be told to actually start thinking herself and take responsibility for the attempted murder of her scale! No, it is the world around her that should change to accommodate her gluttony, sloth and, actually, stupidity! Different desks, different clothes, even different bus seats! 

There was a time when people at university were considered the elite of tomorrow. It seems to me that, particularly in Anglo-Saxon Country, it has become the refugium peccatorum for people who won’t work and can’t think.

But boy, they certainly can eat. 





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