Your Grace, Please Stop Faffing Around!

You can’t believe this. 

400 days since the Dubia were given to the Evil Clown, and we are still in front of this endless blabbing and faffing about instead of doing the only thing that is not only expected, but demanded: publicly denounce Amoris Laetitia as a heretical document on countless counts and demand that the Pope recant the heretical statements therein contained, lest he be declared a heretic himself. 

Pray for Cardinal Burke; that, miraculously, this kitten may, one day, wake up a lion. 


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  1. Thank you for this video the Cardinal is a good man and we all need to get behind him those of us who cherish truth and doctrine. The battle is beginning to undermine that by watering down faith to become something we opt in or out of. The right way must be fought for it never comes on a plate when an attack is made. You do sterling work with this blog.

  2. Cardinal Burke looks and talks as if he is half dead. He must be taking a terrible beating. I have often wondered if Thomas More and Bishop Fisher, having taken terrible beatings also, felt any relief as they walked toward the guillotine.

    • To my knowledge he risks to beating or torture, no beheading or stoning.
      The only risks he runs is the loss of the pretty substantial comforts of a man in his position.

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    The more time passes, the clearer it becomes that Cardinal Burke and his remaining fellow Cardinal are NOT going to issue the much needed correction to Pope Franny. Cardinal Burke’s interview is negated by his failure to act.

    • I keep hoping.
      I think: “can it be that this man will, in 2020, still talk about the need for a correction and not to anything about it?”
      I am fairly terrified at the answer…

  4. I’ve long stopped thinking he would.
    There were too many who said there was no way he would issue a correction.
    I’ve come to the conclusion they were right. I hope I am wrong, it would certainly not be the first time.
    But I don’t think so. These men have their priorities. There is not one reason to delay this another day.

  5. Roderick Halvorsen

    It’s really quite exhausting, isn’t it?

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