Pope Francis: Even Outsiders Now Get The Heresy

This long article from the UK-based, proto-communist Guardian is extremely instructive (inasmuch as people who don’t understand anything of Catholicism can be instructive) for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. 

The author obviously does not understand anything of Catholicism: the insisted accent on the difference between how the world is and how the world should be according to the Church, as if this were a problem for the Church, is obvious demonstration; the one about it being necessary that Catholics give communion to adulterers to avoid the risk of extinction is so stupid that it must be a bad pun) and has no theological depth at all (it is not true that divorced and “remarried” people already receive communion all over the world; but this is utterly irrelevant: the question is whether anyone who does so, which is very easy to do, commits a very grave sacrilege. 

However, even people who have done nothing more than a shallow research of the facts,  and can’t write an article without giving us countless examples of ignorance and incompetence understand this: Francis is a heretic by every Catholic standard of the last two thousand years. 

In his confused way (fake news abound all over the article, see the already mentioned example) the author sees it as evident that what Francis does is the contrary of what Popes for two thousand years before him have done. That this is supposed to be good does insult the intelligence of the writer (even an atheist should be able to understand that this is not acceptable for Catholicism, and therefore Francis is is simply an unacceptable Pope), but it does not change the facts.

This article, like many other secular interventions in favour of the Evil Clown, indicts Pope Francis even as it supports him.  If a magazine called Satanism Today praised Francis in high tones, what would that demonstrate about him?    

Look and stun, Catholic world.

A Pope is praised by the Guardian for his battle against Catholicism. 


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  1. You are correct, the article is very instructive. Brown, clearly displays a superficial understanding of Catholicism as he confuses Catholic dogma as Catholic theory; no doubt influenced by Pope Francis’ concept of ideal over Catholic doctrine. His failure to mention the teaching of Christ with regards to marriage, adultery and the Sacraments of the Church reveals his own secular foundation and myopic understandings of the teachings of the Church and its foundational history. As you say, what is truly revealing is his transparent revelation of the divisions that lay between orthodox, aka introverted Catholics and heterodox, “extrovert Catholics”. I didn’t realize that I was an introverted Catholic; thank you Abp. Lefebvre. Of course, we all know that the floodgates of modernism, liberalism and capitulation to the world were opened by Vatican II but, it is interesting that the writer can clearly see that the battle between orthodoxy and liberalism openly begin there. As usual, similar to most writers who comment upon Vatican II he attributes much of the liturgical changes to the Council; when in fact the unlawful suppression of the Tridentine rite of Mass came at a later date; not disputing the Council’s influence though. The only comforting aspect of this “we love Pope Francis” article is the consideration and in my case, constant prayer that Cardinal Sarah will be the next pope after Pope Francis goes to his eternal reward after so faithfully serving Mammon and the world.

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