REBLOG: Homo Parodies: You Pick The Winner!

Eddy Murphy has an excellent parody of homos, already published often on these pages.

I always found it very good, and can’t watch the video without laughing out loud.




However, I have now found another parody of homos that I find extremely hilarious. It would, in my eyes, possibly surpass Eddy Murphy’s. However, it is ruined by the blasphemy and stupidity of the joke. The artist impersonating a homo Jesuit (very funny!) obviously does not understand anything of Salvation in general or Catholicism in particular; but this one is clearly not a real religious, so we can let it aside for the moment.   

The first video is more overtly satirical, stand up comedian-style. The second video is more subtle, but its parody effect is, through it, the more devastating. 

Enjoy the parody gold.

Don’t forget to write below who, in your opinion, has the best homo parody. 

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  1. Eddie is hilarious. Great homo parody. Martin is disgusting. All too real homo.

    Eddie wins!!!

  2. The first one is funny, the second – very disturbing. The first one, apart from being funny, had the sense to wear appropriate clownish attire. Only the mannerism of the second are unmistakably on target.

  3. Get another script Father, that one’s DTD long ago!

  4. Daniel P. Furey

    I choose James ‘Jazz hands’ Martin SJ

  5. Of course, I vote for Eddie. There has to be an element of reality for comedy to be actually work. Which is why ‘Fr. Jim’s’ doesn’t work. He just looks schoolmarm-ish.

  6. Now I understand, Mundabor. Certainly, for ‘best dramatic actor’, Fr. Jim wins. You can see he must practice his art. Whereas Eddie is certainly acting.

  7. Of course Eddie Murphy is a sodomite too. His routine might funny until you realize what a coarsening effect his kind of “comedy” has had on our generation. He was a good soldier in Sleazy-wood’s long and largely successful campaign to putrefy our culture.

    • That’s new to me. I thought the man was very straight.
      However, i can assure you his kind of comedy has been going on from time immemorial here in old Europe. Mockery is a deadly weapon.

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