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The Warrior Ants Are Effective Because They Are Right

Like you, I am pleasantly surprised at the devastating effect we, the Warrior Ants, are collectively having in exposing this disgraceful pontificate.

There aren't very many of us. In the entire English Speaking world we will probably be a couple of hundreds at most; with all the blogs written in other languages it will probably be a thousand or so. But we have exposed the Evil Clown so brutally he will never recover.

We are effective because we are right. We have a vast resonance box because there are still a lot of Catholics around; Catholics who may not have the time, or inclination, or language skills, or sheer anger to write a blog, but feel how we feel and suffer the way we do. A number of them are, by the way, another important part of our army: the commenters, who with their smartness and sincere faith reinforce the vast number of lurker in their unavoidable conclusion: these guys can't but be right, and the Vatican II Church can't but be troubled, or outright rotten.

The garden variety Catholic, or even agnostic or Protestant, sits at the PC to read what's happening with the Church of Francis, and what he founds is sustained fire from this small number of determined laymen. It is like a Catholic Red Dawn, which might not be enough to take control of the territory but it is enough to show that the tyrant has to go.

Truth has a way of imposing itself as truthful. It just resonates in the heart of the Elects no matter how corrupt the official, richly robed Vatican apparatus is. The common, tepid, Catholic out there knows, at a more or less deep level, that he is being sold a lie. The V II rubbish about pretty much everything sounds hollow to decent ears, and can only deceive who wish to be deceived. When the level of discomfort becomes big enough to move people to go to the Internet, the entire wall of deception crumbles together with the effeminate prelates, the social justice parodies of priests, and the socialist blabbering of the Evil Clown. It's not that we were so good at disrobing the Emperor. It's that the emperor had no clothes already, and we only needed to be the ones who point out to this simple fact.

Keep fighting, warrior ants. Keep blogging and commenting. Think of the effect you have on the many lurkers, who will then comment about you at the pizza table on a Saturday night, and tell all their friends “you know what? I went on the Internet and those Catholics there, they are truly angry at the Pope!!” Laughter all around, and on the wave goes.

We don't fight to win. We have won already. We fight because it is the right thing to do, and we want to be on the side of the Lord, fighting the good fight until the day we die.



Mueller a Trad Hero? Call me Out


This yogurt cardinal has gone off…

Can you believe this guy? 

“There  is a front of traditionalist groups, just as there is with the progressivists, that would like to see me as head of a movement against the Pope.

Er… not me. 

Even not considering his theological antics before becoming head of the CDF (search this blog) this slimy, three-tongued prelate able to speak for and against Amoris Laetitia in the space of twenty-three minutes can never be at the head of anything but a bunch of double-tongued heretics. 

Mueller makes Burke seem a Crusader. He is not even a fake conservative, merely an authentic FrancisWrecker with some moment of less acute heretical crisis, probably for the sake of an applause from Catholics. 

The Cardinal has clearly no idea of what a Traditionalist is, and confuses Traditionalism with watered-down, confused, very poorly instructed rosewater Catholicism with nothing more to show for itself than a vague desire to do something vaguely good. But this is not Traditionalism, and certainly not sound Catholicism. 

Traditionalists recognise that Mueller is not part of the solution, but part of the problem, and know that occasional moments of sanity do not a solid Catholic make, particularly when the same guy is so busy undoing tomorrow what he has done today. 

I am done with Mueller. He belongs to Francis, which means that he belongs to Satan.  May he repent and go back to Catholicism before he dies, but if he thinks that he can escape hell after bending over backwards in fifteen different ways to defend the most astonishingly heretical official document in the history of Catholicism, he truly is a fool. 

Buckinghamwood, Or: Dumberello And The Little Screen Princess

The news that a famous celebrity (the actress) is marrying a B-listed minor personage, most famous good-for-nothing in the Realm and the fifth (soon the sixth) in line to the utterly useless throne of England is making waves in old Blighty.

A divorced actress (isn't it romantic?! “Until Filing does us part!”) is about to marry a man known for being rather thick, and whose main claims to celebrity are the funeral of his very slutty mother and the scandal of not having been able to even dirty a canvas with an “abstract painting” for one graduation or other, dirtying for which the poor genius had to be, astonishingly, helped without telling anyone (which is, as everybody knows, cheating and rigging even in so stupid a matter; can't remember if the teacher lost her job, he certainly lost his face).

This is going to be another field day – or rather, field years – for the gutter press, as the marriage of TV Stardom and Royal Dumbness promises to fill millions of pages as the rumours, indiscretions, half truths and full lies start to pile up after the obligatory romance of The Beauty And The Dumbo. I can't wait for the one or other to appear in the one or other reality show for the culturally challenged, then the descent of this once prestigious monarchy into mere entertainment factor for the uneducated will be completed.

I often think of the British Monarchy as the same as the Church of England. Both totally useless, they survive because the British can't even be bothered to notice the latter or to realise the superfluousness of the former (excluding tourism money and entertainment factor). The Monarchy, supposedly the Defenders Of The Faith, has accompanied the country all the way to Tranniedom without as much as a peep, but with a lot of Pump and Circumstance. The so-called “c”hurch of England…

but you know that already.

Both institutions now decrepit, and waiting to die, for which these old eyes will not shed a single tear.

One day the Church of England will be simply abolished and no one will even notice.

One day the abolition of the Monarchy will be proposed, and the only question will be the loss of tourism revenue, or the appalling prospect of having millions of uneducated nincompoops having to talk about the weather even more.

We live in a time where entertainment is king. Dumberello is about to marry his Little Screen Princess.

Buckinghamwood is now our reality.



Religion Of Massacre

Whilst you were busy with your turkey – or rather, with your Jihad on its remains – in Egypt more than 300 Muslims were brutally massacred in an attack planned with chilling cruelty. The attach happened in North Sinai, which happens to be near Israel.

Do you think that, therefore, the attack was perpetrated by, say, militant Jews coming from Israel? Or perhaps by the sparsely still existing Christians living in Egypt!


The brutal attack was perpetrated by, actually, Muslims; Muslims who are so fond of the “religion of peace” that they cannot tolerate the breathing of people, belonging to the same “religion of peace”, peacefully attending their own strange rites.

I seriously wonder what Islam would look like if it were a religion of war, strife, violence and massacre instead of a religion of peace. Would we see Muslims constantly massacring each other and, when they take a pause from it, trying to massacre Christians and Jews? Would we see them become such a force for evil that they surge to be the only inspiration of international terrorism? Would we see them engaging in genocide on a vast scale in mixed faith Countries like Nigeria, or in the brutal, systematic persecution and killing of Christians in Countries like Syria and Iraq as they descend to the most brutal enslavement of their own people, sharing their very same religion of (cough) peace?

That Islam be a “religion of peace” must be the most tragic joke, or rather willed and systematically pushed deception, of our time.


The Effeminacy Of The West Is Men’s Fault

It was amusing – at least in part – to read several articles in the US press about how to deal with your MAGA relatives on Thanksgiving. The Planned Parenthood one (no link) was particularly amusing, full as he was with “safe spaces” and such like claptrap; but the others were not very far behind.

All of this would be merely the source of merriment, if it did not hide a danger for freedom of expression and, ultimately, for freedom tout court. The leftists are systematically using such tactics to try to silence everyone who does not think like them: from the accusations of “hate” (which is a convenient way to attempt to silence Christians) or “microaggression” (same) to the whining about “bullying” (a very transparent way to push sexual perversion in schools), all this aims at… making you shut up and accept their agenda.

Whilst the majority of such articles and whining seem to come from women, I blame men for the way the “microaggression” mentality is becoming a more or less accepted part of the discourse instead of being material for laughter and hard mockery. Women have always played the “you hurt my feelings” card and, if made in a healthy, reasonable way, this is a perfectly legitimate expression of beautiful femininity. But one would expect that, as it has always happened until the Age of Insanity, men offer a counterbalance to this and call emoting women back to reality with all the opportune firmness and, if needs be, the necessary harshness and/or mockery.

Not so in the age of the Male Feminist. The Sensitive Guy will – in the hope of finding his way in the graces of feminist women – not hesitate in espousing all that heap of passive-aggressive, manipulative bitching and call it good and holy. I think the reasoning is not only wrong and effeminate, but also counterproductive, as even feminists will – in the very rare case that they are attractive – be attracted to manly men rather than to these pathetic, grovelling manlets; which, if a serious relationship with the manly man ensues, is also not unlikely to be the end of their feminism, as feminism only profits fugly women who want the attractive ones to be forever as miserable as they are.

I hope this Thanksgiving weekend there will be a lot of need for “safe spaces”.

Make America Great Again, one turkey at a time.



Please Pray For Father Dickson

I found this message in my comment box: 

Dear ‘Mundabor’

Apologies for using your comments box (this isn’t for publication as a comment, obviously) but I couldn’t seem to find an email address to contact you by. I wonder if I might be as bold as to ask you to ask your readers to pray for Father Dickson, please? I’ve posted more information about his condition in the two recent posts on our blog.

Please feel free to forward or copy and paste them.

Thank you in advance,


I have not followed “Catholic Collar and Tie” recently (there have been no new posts for several months), but I was aware of father Dickson’s health problems. For those of you who don’t know, Father Dickson is the “Collar” and Andrew McDowell is the “Tie”. 

Father is now seriously ill with pneumonia. 

I am sure my readers will join me in my prayers for this brave and sincere priest. My rosary of today is for him, and I encourage all of you to do the same (which means, actually, to also pray the Rosary as father certainly wishes). 



Make Communism (And Pope Francis) History

100 years ago, a Communist organisation took control of a Country (and of a huge one at that) for basically the first time in history as the Parisian “Commune” can certainly not be counted as seizing control of a Country.

Communism is – like his bastard little brother, Socialism – the fruit of a godless mentality that does not see reality for what it is – the fruit of the Fall, with all its attending problems – but, rather, for what it should become if the toy called planet earth were, so to speak, repaired and made to work as it always should have. This is the thinking of children, and of godless adults.

Inequality is not a bug, it is a feature. People having the most varied inclinations and the widest differences of willingness, intelligence, resilience, and appetite for risk, it must follow that they will range – in a completely sinless, utterly justified way – on an extremely long staircase concerning their degree of security, prosperity and quality of life.

Poverty – which is the aspect of inequality leftists cry about the most, though I am pretty sure few of them have ever experienced it – is also, as Our Lord taught us, always going to be with us. It must be so, because poverty teaches humility, encourages to prayer, and helps look heavenwards in all one's endeavour; whilst in some circumstances also being the deserved consequence of laziness, profligacy, entitlement mentality, and general wrong thinking.

War is, also, the result of the Fall. It is childish – nay: it is outright stupid – to think that bad guys will disappear from the earth only because nations gather together in a forum that is nothing more but the collection of all rubbish regimes on the planet. The bad guy will never be “history”, and there will always be need of good guys ready to fight and die to stop him.

You can't “make poverty history”. You can't put an end to wars. As Communism is on its way to becoming history at least as an ideology able to run entire Countries – Socialism will possibly always be with us, because stupidity will – poverty has, unsurprisingly for every Catholic, not only remained but it has been generously multiplied by those same people who claimed they would put an end to it. Sanity wins in the end, albeit sometimes at the price of countless millions of victims.

We, the smart set, do not try to make poverty history. We work towards making Communism history. And with Communism, we want to throw in the rubbish bin of history all that nonsense about inequality, “war no more”, and all the thinking that comes from forgetting God. We want, most of all, purge Catholicism from this cancer.

Make Pope Francis history.

Poverty, war, and godless people will always be with us.



Liberal Karma Truly Is A Bitch


Sadly, this is what a feminist looks like


How the feminist have fallen! 

Liberal journo Glenn Thrush, one of those “feminist” men speaking as if they live din the Seventies, is now suspended at the NYT because of several allegations come out during his activities mainly at Politico. This is, by the way, the same guy who was caught by Wikileakes asking John Podesta for approval of what he publisehd about the Clinton campaign.  

Little feminist slut…

 Turns out, however, these liberal (slut) journos aren’t so “feminist” after all. What Thrush (aka Trash) describes as: 

 “What I need to be is more understanding of the power dynamics in casual situations.”

actually means “I will not hesitate in putting my hands on female journalists, trusting that I will get away with it because I am a powerful journalist no one wants to have as an enemy”. 

This happens only days after Senator Al “Frankenstein” Franken, another hero of feminist causes, was caught not with allegations, but with an extremely lewd, obscene, utterly disgusting, cowardly photo of himself groping a woman in her sleep. 

What’s wrong with these liberals? 

(Do you think Senator McConnell demanded that Franken resigns? No. ‘Course not)

The post Weinsteingate events are becoming very amusing, as we see leftists of all shades coming to term with the fact that the worst bastards are actually on their side. 

Manliness respects women. These sneaky bastards, who are not manly, pose as “feminists” in order to abuse them. 

Can’t say liberal women don’t deserve these manlets, though. Their feminism leads them to the rejection of sane masculinity. Then they end up with the sneaky bastard groping them under the table, under the implied threat of career damage if they don’t shut up. 

Liberal karma truly is a bitch. 



Meet The Pontifical Academy For Abortion And Euthanasia

If you had been at the head of a Vatican organisation defending the persecuted in the Thirties, would you have invited Dr Goebbels to “dialogue” about euthanasia and abortion? No.

Why not? Firstly because in non-negotiables there is no need of any dialogue, and secondly because by just having the bastard talk you would give them a stage he will most certainly enjoy and exploit. 

This is not difficult to understand. It is, actually, much easier to understand that if you give Dr. Goebbels a stage – and it does not matter if, before giving him the mick, you faintly repeat that you are against the Holocaust – you are actually being his willing accomplice. 

Dr Goebbels was, as we all know, a proposer of euthanasia and abortion. Therefore, there is no trace of him visiting the Vatican or participating to any “dialogue” about, erm, euthanasia and abortion. 

Sadly, that was then and this is now:  prominent supporters of both abortion and euthanasia are given a stage and a resonance chamber by the so-called Pontifical Academy for Life (presided by Archbishop “Elton” Paglia, the one made immortal in the homoerotic fresco he commissioned). 

How can one read such news and not conclude that, whatever the “dialogue” excuse, Paglia & Co. want to push the euthanasia and abortionist agenda?  Of course they will do it in a subtle way, with distinguos meant to address fringe situations as they smuggle the generals principles among the tepid, the arrogant and the stupid. Catholics will, of course, never fall for this rubbish. 

But how many Catholics are left? And is Paglia one?

Pray more. Pray and do penance. One day, this Paglia* guy, not you, may well burn in hell.  


(Italian for “straw” *)


EWTN’s Special Sight

Gotta admire a Mr Ed Conlon, writing for the EWTN owned CNA.

Mr Conlon has some kind of superpowers.  He sees something no one else seem to notice. besides the rubbish about how bad the opponent of TheFrancis are, what is most amusing is Mr Conlon’s assured assertion that the Pope is clearly against communion for divorced and remarried. The entire planet – and four Cardinals – are moaning the state of utter confusion in which this man has – make no mistake: willfully, and only because he is too cowardly to go beyond confusing –  plunged the Church, but this does not seem to faze the author in the least. No, what he thinks is happening is that we have an orthodox pope, but the entire planet is mad because the wrong people (people whom, in part, he keeps employing and keeping in position of great responsibility) distort his message.

This must be the greatest Pollyanna effort I have read this year. It is, actually, between tragic and amusing that as we are about to approach the second Christmas of utter chaos there should still be around people who keep flogging this not only dead, but by now abundantly decomposed horse of the “misunderstood Pope”. Not only the letter to the Argentinian bishops is enough to expose the utter rubbish propagated by this article: far more to the point, the refusal of the pope to answer the Dubia (something an orthodox, if not good at words, Pope could and would have done in less time than Usain Bolt needs to run 100 meters) and the disheartening evidence of conflicting practices now spreading all over the Catholic world are more than enough to show what the intentions of this evil Pope are: sabotage Catholicism as much as he can whilst avoiding a frontal, all-out assault to the Church he so evidently hates; something for which he clearly – and by God’s grace – has no spine.

As the hired pens of this disgraceful Pontiff keep embarrassing themselves, thus utterly destroying the reputation of so-called moderate Catholic outlets (I wouldn’t call today’s ETWN conservative by any standard of conservatism), those who have a brain to think and a soul to save keep realising that this Pope is a menace to the faith, and a very personal threat to their own salvation. 

Beware of the Pollyannas. At this point, theirs is way more than naivete.

It is disingenuousness in the most serious of matters like the defense of Catholic truth.


Nashville Floundering “Megachurch”: There’s Nothing Like A “Progressive” Christian

Very ugly, not-so-mega “church” now on sale.


If you make an internet search for “GracePointe”, you will find a lot of articles about the leader of this supposed (and soi-disant) “megachurch” “embracing” the satanic values of the XXI centuries and accepting, or welcoming, or whatever that rubbish is, sexual perverts. 

Fast forward two years, and the Proddie outfit is rapidly unraveling. And I do not mean merely that they are stagnating or have some attendance problems. I mean the halving of the attendance in just two years and the necessity to sell the church, move to rented space and reduce other expenses merely to stay afloat.


This is a rather remarkable work of destruction accomplished in merely two years. I think this supposed “pastor” deserves the compliments of every atheist and enemy of Christ in the Country, as he has successfully shown out to take a (even if wrong) Christian organisation and shred it to pieces.

Unfortunately for the atheists, though, the success is only apparent. There is no evidence that even one person lost the faith because of this disgraceful “pastor”. Rather, it appears that half of this Proddie community discovered, once seriously challenged, that they are Christians after all and will not put up with this rubbish. As things go in life, it is more likely that this will generate more interest in serious Christianity in those who left this already progressive “church” rather than make them drift outside of Christina worship. 

The truth is that there is nothing like a “progressive Christian”. Christianity does not “progress” at all and is, therefore, the very essence of conservatism.  Fashionable adjectives do not hold sway over the truth, merely over the confused minds of half-witted conformists and social cowards.

Some people, who have clearly lost their faith, may try to be loved by the world and embrace its sins and perversions. But it will backfire rapidly. This “pastor” had the only effect of forcing his sheep to choose between Christ and the world. Half of them woke up already, others will do so in future. Those who remain will be those who hate Christ for condemning sin.

Who knows: some of those who went away might, in their quest for sound Christianity, end up by converting to Catholicism. Sadly, this is more likely to happen because they encounter sound Catholicism on the Internet and in books, rather than because of the work of some diocese around them. 

If the Catholic Church had remained strong, these would have been decades of miraculous catches of faithful. The Only Church would have cleaned up as many of these Proddie outfit surrendered to the world and the desire to be seen as good not in the eyes of God, but of their relatives, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Alas, the Church’s nets are in a lamentable state of disrepair, and the catch will be meager.






Make America Lose Again! Alabama And The Loss Of Reason

Some people really, really are afraid to win. I am appalled at the puritanical stupidity of some people who even dare to call themselves “Conservatives”.

The Emperor Constantine wasn't good enough for them, though he may well be the single man in power who did most for Christianity. Nor would, if it depended on them, Northern Europe have ever become Christian, because the process of Christianisation in those parts was driven by tribal politics: the leader of the tribe or local King converts to Christianity, therefore everyone else does. About the moral standard of those tribal chiefs and kings I do not need to tell you anything.

It really makes me vomit that with a senate majority in the balance there should be this endless, unbearable, extremely stupid puritanical masturbation about events which took place – if they ever did – some 40 years ago. Man up and secure a Republican seat first, you idiot! All the rest can, if neds be, discussed afterwards and, if it should become necessary for Moore to resign, then make him resign with the seat firmly in Republican hands and have another Republican elected.

The name in the ballot cannot be changed. To force Moore to abandon the race now is to give the seat to a Democrat, pure and simple. How infinitely more evil is that???

And for heaven's sake: every politician in favour of abortion is very likely in mortal sin now, as I write these words. Not in 1979. Not in 1982. Now.

The Democrats don't do this. They defend not only every abortionist. They defend everyone, and are ready to forgive and forget their own! The “Wiener” guy was only dumped when he became truly untenable, and it was during a primary! Hillary wasn't dumped in the midst of several atrocious scandals and suspicions. Clinton was defended in the face of multiple accusations that make Judge Moore's even alleged behaviour appear no more than imprudent!

But you see, the Democrats are Democrats. Many RINOs are also Democrats, and they can't wait to get rid of a chap who threatens their job, and Republican majority be damned. They even want to appear oh so clean, the damn Democratic whores.

Will they manage to deceive the good ones? Is the destiny of good Christians to be forever condemned to live under the liberal yoke because of their very own stupidity?

We shall see. The voters who did not buy the Trump tapes might – and should – not buy any story, any story whatsoever, between themselves and the defence of a Republican seat in the Senate. First you secure the seat. Then you think about the next move. Should it – in hypothesis – a crisis explode and a resignation be triggered, there would still be all the time in the world to prepare one selves for the new election without a damn Democrat in that seat.

Is that so difficult to understand?

Really, how stupid have people become?



One Year Late And Still Blabbering



There will be no link, here, to the latest non-interview of Cardinal Burke, a man whose cowardly attitude can by now be spotted from Mars.

I understand the man is trying to find the courage. But hey, you find the courage by having it.

This man is a Cardinal. He must be ready to embrace death at a moment's notice, and of him a much higher readiness is expected than of any of us. You can't only get the (substantial) privileges of the Cardinal without the burden that goes with it.

What we get instead is the usual, tired, whining repetition of a situation my cat grasped many, many months ago, with the two Cardinals now possibly the only two Catholics on the planet thinking that the time for action has not yet come.

The poor interviewer tries to nail the Cardinal to, at least, the confirmation that the interview is the last warning. In pure Burke style, the man repeats his appeal but he does not confirm any ultimatum.

Surely, even kitten must now mock as ridiculous this guy's pathetic attempts to give himself a courage he seems just unable to find.

God willing, and if the man has his salvation dear, at some point we will get something worthy of a link.

But this umpteenth, pathetic interview is not it.



Light In The Midst Of Darkness

SSPX Utrcht

This article on Rorate Caeli  tells a tale of redemption, if only of inanimate things. A church previously used for profane purposes (and, possibly, Protestant at some point) is now being restored to her natural purpose. 

As the picture above shows, the church looks stunning. So ornate, in fact, that it is difficult to believe it was, in the past, used by Protestants (note here that the altar and the pews might be entirely new, but the pulpit and the wall decorations are unlikely to be. I wonder if Calvinists or other Protestants had such practices. This might, in fact, have been a Catholic church at least at some point).   

What is the message of all this? 

In the midst of one of the most disgracefully godless, perverted Countries on earth, soundly Catholic communities not only survive but, literally, thrive. It truly seems an image of the Church as it might well become, at least i Europe, in the next decades: a desolation of dying Vatican II Francischurches, full of tattooed lay”persons” reading the Old Testament with the smuggest voice you can imagine, with here and there the sparse beacon of beautifully ornate churches where sound Catholic priests tend their flock.

We live in pretty dark times, but we will always be able to get consolation and solace from the examples of Catholic survival in the midst of the worst atheist desolation, even if we ourselves are not blessed with the proximity of one of these churches. 

Thank God for the Society of Saint Pius X. They are the true epicenter of sound Catholicism as the Vatican descends into an abyss of socialist drivel and utter stupidity. 





Values Count More Than Men

Let us imagine that, in 2020, the American people had to choose between a deeply flawed candidate who defends their value and a deeply honest, faithful, impeccable guy that believes in destroying them.

I do not have to tell you whom each of you would have to choose.

If the standards of private behaviour had been a factor in 1940, Churchill would have never become Prime Minister, both his drinking and his philandering in the way. Perhaps the Brits would have – assuming he had neither flaw – remained stuck with Chamberlain for the entire duration of the war.

The idea that the private qualities of a man come before the values in which one believes is just plain stupid. It actually shows that one has no values beyond his own desire to appear good. Smart people vote for those who give the best guarantees of defending the values they cherish; and if they sin mortally in the process, let this be a matter between them and their Judge. I can imagine a huge amount of Kings in Europe's past who were awfully sinful in their private life, and protected Christianity as they could. The same goes for many others. Those Crusaders were full of zeal, but I doubt very many of them were filled with saintliness.

Italians supported Berlusconi – and before him, Mussolini – for this reason. They were smart in their decisions. They did not throw the toys and their values out of the pram because the candidate liked the battle (General Grant, by the way, was another of those robust drinkers).

Be smart, and vote your values.

They are more important than your liking your candidate.


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