New York Wins 8 Dead At The Diversity Lottery



Another morning here in Europe, another news about a terror attack caused by the usual Christian  Hindu Buddhist Sikh  “Asian”. 

The perpetrator is alive. He will now cost the US taxpayer a fortune as he complains about the infringements of his “human rights” for the rest of his existence. 

I hope they don’t put him in isolation. Methinks, a normal cell in the midst of carefully selected Aryan Brotherhood members will do just fine. Diversity, you see, and all that. 

What causes even more consternation is the fact that the guy has entered the US via a “lottery”. This means that the Country selects people at random – certainly among groups having certain characteristics, and one wonders in which way this guy enriched the US – who then can enter the US and remain indefinitely merely because their number has come up. 

Bingo. Eight dead. 

I don’t know whether there are other Countries which engage in such stupid behaviour. I’d have thought people are individually, carefully vetted and are allowed to enter based on the concrete advantages that particular, concrete individual brings to the Country’s economy. Silly me. 

Oh well, this is where we are now. During one of the stupidest, heathenish “festivities” in one of the stupidest cities on earth, a supporter of the most dangerous religion on the planet mows down (I think) eight of the revelers whilst shouting the usual slogans of the “religion of peace”. He even crashed against a school bus, apparently wanting to terminate some of his victims young. 

Scary? Yes.  

But hey, it’s Halloween. Didn’t you want just that?

Besides, it’s the luck of the draw you can expect when you keep drawing among those people.

The West needs Islamisation less than it needs the plague. People will keep dying as long as we keep thinking that political correctness is more important than common sense. 




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  1. “We are fighting hard for Merit Based immigration, no more Democrat Lottery Systems. We must get MUCH tougher (and smarter).” – Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

  2. No doubt His Eminence Timmy will reassure the flock that they have nothing to fear, as this was just a misguided “radicalized lone wolf” who in no way represents our beloved brothers and sisters of Islam.

    I do believe this absurd line of thought would continue to be spouted forth by Bergoglio and his sycophants even if/when one of these “lone wolves” blows up a good chunk of St. Patrick’s and Cardinal Timmy with it.

    All saints, pray for us!

  3. The problem is that people with common sense like us are not running the countries! It’s the liberal/Marxist/globalist governments’ fault. Trump is facing an uphill battle trying to undo the damage that his predecessor, with his lax immigration policies, has done. But it’s like closing the barn door after the horse got out. The jihadi time bombs are already here.

    People who shouldn’t be here were let in, and the government bends over backwards to accommodate them. The Muslims are not given cultural training to help them assimilate, and there are no requirements for them to change their practices; for example, Sharia law. So why would anyone be surprised when these tragic events occur? The radical ones are simply following the instructions of their religion. Terrorists don’t have the brains or the connections (thank God) to pull off a nuclear attack yet, so the random deaths by truck, homemade bombs, and shooting into large crowds will continue to plague the western countries. Lord have mercy on us.

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