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Texas: The Devil Among Us (Plus: Make Some Noise!)

The shocking news from Texas  ,prompt me to some short considerations, Please pray for the victims and, if you find it in yourself, for the soul of the bastard (little hope on that one, though).

The first one is that assaulting churches will become more common in years to come. As the US polarises between believers and heathens and the conflicts come to a head (abortion, perversion, Christian symbols and prayers in public), it is reasonable to expect more violence. Europe is not excluded, as the case of Father Hamel last year abundantly proves. 

The second one is: why no one was armed inside that church? In a State like Texas one would expect that the citizen exercise their right to self-defence. No armed churchgoer meant the man could mow down people at will, from 5 to 72 years old. It needs a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.  

The third is that the devil roams around, seeking whom he may devour. The assassin was a bible study teacher, or anyway involved in a church, himself. This should be a warning to all of us, that the devil is constantly at work to snatch our souls.

The fourth is that it behooves you, lovers of freedom, to make as much noise as you can on social media in defence of the Second Amendment. Enough with this childish exploitation of every tragedy. If a man mows down 70 people with a truck no one asks for a ban on trucks. Actually, though, driving trucks is merely a privilege. In the US, bearing and carrying arms is a right, not a privilege; even a right sanctioned by the Constitution. 

Pray, and make some noise. 



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