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House Of Flop

Caution! The second from left is radioactive!


Netflix has announced that Kevin Spacey will be dropped from the next series of “House of Cards”. If you know two things of television you know not only how successful this show is, but how it changed entertainment, propelling TV shows at the same level of stardom as the big screen. You see since movie stars willing to be the lead characters in TV shows, whilst in the past the contrary was the case (it was a “promotion”, financially and otherwise, to move from TV to movie stardom). It is fair to say that all this started from the US version of “House of Cards”, and that Kevin Spacey was the very backbone of it.

Netflix’ business model is based on throwing around TV shows, of which some become successful; however, only one was the mega hit. They have now lost the main attraction of their… main attraction. It’s like having a hen that lays golden eggs and one day discover she was… molesting minors.

This is a big hit for Netflix. Whether they substitute Spacey but keep the Underwood character, or cancel the character entirely from the series, the TV show is not unlikely to wither and, shortly thereafter, die. It will certainly never reach the past highs. 

My message for the Netflix executives, or at least for the straight and halfway sane among them, if any of those left, is: beware of the homo stars. 

Higher risk of depression, disorders of various kind, or suicide. Not unlikely probability that they are ephebophiles or, even, pedophiles. At the very least, the risk of alienating the big public if they become homo activists. 

The risk is high. The downside can go, as this case probably will, in the hundreds of millions dollar if we consider all the side effects (reputation damage, loss of potential subscriptions for several years for the Netflix business, loss of sales of DVD and assorted ancillary products).

Netflix just got a big baseball bat in the face.

All for a fag.







We are informed that Kevin Spacey is “recovered” in the same clinic in which Harvey Weinstein also spends his days. 

Please send all jokes you come across to me…


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