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More On The Texas Massacre And The Second Amendment

Trust in God and carry a 1911.


As more elements emerge, some more considerations are in order.

  1. The church where the massacre took place had a “no gun” policy.

The perpetrator obviously knew that, not only because he was a relative of some of the churchgoers but because he would obviously prepare his assault. 

When will people understand that such policies attract criminals? Which church do you think the aspiring mass murderer will pick: the one where he is sure to mow down people at pleasure, or the one where it is likely that fire will be returned more or less instantly, by people probably well trained in the use of firearms? 

2.  The perpetrator was chased, and wounded, by armed citizen. 

It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.  Without the brave citizen resolutely taking action, the bastard would have been allowed to flee, killing who knows how many other people before the police finally takes him. 

3. The perpetrator, though a former soldier, was not allowed to carry arms

Heck, this is just another example that gun control does not stop criminals. Gun control merely prevents the honest citizen from defending themselves. 

And you know what angers me most? This time the liberal hysteria will die very fast, because everything in this tragedy points out to their idiocy. But let only one element work for them (say: the guy had a licence to carry) and all hell will break loose. 

Thank God for president Trump and the new age of gun sanity that is finally (slowly) beginning. 


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