Values Count More Than Men

Let us imagine that, in 2020, the American people had to choose between a deeply flawed candidate who defends their value and a deeply honest, faithful, impeccable guy that believes in destroying them.

I do not have to tell you whom each of you would have to choose.

If the standards of private behaviour had been a factor in 1940, Churchill would have never become Prime Minister, both his drinking and his philandering in the way. Perhaps the Brits would have – assuming he had neither flaw – remained stuck with Chamberlain for the entire duration of the war.

The idea that the private qualities of a man come before the values in which one believes is just plain stupid. It actually shows that one has no values beyond his own desire to appear good. Smart people vote for those who give the best guarantees of defending the values they cherish; and if they sin mortally in the process, let this be a matter between them and their Judge. I can imagine a huge amount of Kings in Europe's past who were awfully sinful in their private life, and protected Christianity as they could. The same goes for many others. Those Crusaders were full of zeal, but I doubt very many of them were filled with saintliness.

Italians supported Berlusconi – and before him, Mussolini – for this reason. They were smart in their decisions. They did not throw the toys and their values out of the pram because the candidate liked the battle (General Grant, by the way, was another of those robust drinkers).

Be smart, and vote your values.

They are more important than your liking your candidate.


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  1. There is absolutely no evidence that Churchill ever had sexual relations with anyone other than his wife after marriage

  2. A virtue-signaling archbishop. He proclaims himself incapable of distinguishing between a pro-life candidate and an abortion fanatic.

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