Light In The Midst Of Darkness

SSPX Utrcht

This article on Rorate Caeli  tells a tale of redemption, if only of inanimate things. A church previously used for profane purposes (and, possibly, Protestant at some point) is now being restored to her natural purpose. 

As the picture above shows, the church looks stunning. So ornate, in fact, that it is difficult to believe it was, in the past, used by Protestants (note here that the altar and the pews might be entirely new, but the pulpit and the wall decorations are unlikely to be. I wonder if Calvinists or other Protestants had such practices. This might, in fact, have been a Catholic church at least at some point).   

What is the message of all this? 

In the midst of one of the most disgracefully godless, perverted Countries on earth, soundly Catholic communities not only survive but, literally, thrive. It truly seems an image of the Church as it might well become, at least i Europe, in the next decades: a desolation of dying Vatican II Francischurches, full of tattooed lay”persons” reading the Old Testament with the smuggest voice you can imagine, with here and there the sparse beacon of beautifully ornate churches where sound Catholic priests tend their flock.

We live in pretty dark times, but we will always be able to get consolation and solace from the examples of Catholic survival in the midst of the worst atheist desolation, even if we ourselves are not blessed with the proximity of one of these churches. 

Thank God for the Society of Saint Pius X. They are the true epicenter of sound Catholicism as the Vatican descends into an abyss of socialist drivel and utter stupidity. 





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  1. That church is breathtaking. I agree. The SSPX does what we Catholics need to be done. As in true reconciliation.

    The church is dedicated to St. Willibrord who was involved with King Pepin who reconciled with his lawful wife, leaving his mistress.

    That is another reconciliation that canon law 1152 urges for the salvation of souls but that is totally ignored except for Cardinal Brandmueller’s Catholic teaching on the subject.

    Imagine the like beauty shone on abandoned wives and children should their biological families be reconciled instead of all these divorced/remarried, boyfriend/girlfriend situations that are not pretty.

    I hope that I’ve not packed too much into these short paragraphs, but you ask for comments.

  2. Already, under Francis, lay people are not merely reading the new testament aloud within the N.O. Mass — they’re reading the Gospel too!

    Our Lady, Conqueror of Heresies, pray for us!

    Illinois Legionary

  3. When I first saw that the FSSPX had purchesed this beautiful Neo- Gothic Church my heart soared like a hawk. Absolutely fantastic! I am thinking of visiting next year, God Permitting.

  4. “Thank God for the Society of Saint Pius X. They are the true epicenter of sound Catholicism…”


    Take our churches
    Take our pews
    Orthodox bloggers
    Shun, refuse.

    Take our schools
    Take our kneelers
    Fill your space with
    P. C. feelers.

    Shove Tabernacles
    In a room
    So bride can play
    Without her Groom.

    Some will run
    Some will hide
    Some defend,
    “Flow with the tide.”

    But like the Saints,
    Laity, before –
    Joan, Clitherow,
    Thomas More,

    You can burn our books
    Cast off to waste lands
    Cut off His Crowned Head
    Plop Him into our hands,

    Confuse the weak,
    “They’re men of smells, bells,
    Not in full-communion”
    Their lie impels

    These, real men –
    In the state of grace –
    You’ve tried to shred
    But they are steel lace –

    “I am the Good Shepherd”
    Laced-lambs to Him kneel
    And they breed the True Faith –

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