One Year Late And Still Blabbering



There will be no link, here, to the latest non-interview of Cardinal Burke, a man whose cowardly attitude can by now be spotted from Mars.

I understand the man is trying to find the courage. But hey, you find the courage by having it.

This man is a Cardinal. He must be ready to embrace death at a moment's notice, and of him a much higher readiness is expected than of any of us. You can't only get the (substantial) privileges of the Cardinal without the burden that goes with it.

What we get instead is the usual, tired, whining repetition of a situation my cat grasped many, many months ago, with the two Cardinals now possibly the only two Catholics on the planet thinking that the time for action has not yet come.

The poor interviewer tries to nail the Cardinal to, at least, the confirmation that the interview is the last warning. In pure Burke style, the man repeats his appeal but he does not confirm any ultimatum.

Surely, even kitten must now mock as ridiculous this guy's pathetic attempts to give himself a courage he seems just unable to find.

God willing, and if the man has his salvation dear, at some point we will get something worthy of a link.

But this umpteenth, pathetic interview is not it.



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  1. Don’t forget we are still waiting for ++s Sarah & Müller to sign the Dubia. If they had done so at the start there would have been less dragging of the feet. As PF is not in a position to answer the Dubia without drastic consequences for himself, we could have had a imperfect council called by now & the matter resolved.

  2. I suspect Burke’s job is to pacify and stall Catholics to make sure we don’t stand in the way of full throttle anti-Christian demolition of the Church. We wait for a formal correction for a long time. I don’t believe he’s on our side but a deceiver. Be nice if I’m wrong because I think we’ve reached the end of the end.

  3. Ann Barnhardt calls it effeminacy. Alas, he’s the only prince of the Church we have to hang our hat on. From the peanut gallery we have the scrappy Bishop Schneider. I hope the good Khazak is pope one day.

  4. ilovevictoriasbows

    Maybe we could craft him a little medal like the Wizard of Oz gave to the Cowardly Lion. ‘Courage’ Hey, it worked for him!

  5. “I suspect Burke’s job is to pacify and stall Catholics to make sure we don’t stand in the way of full throttle anti-Christian demolition of the Church.”

    That, along with M’s accusation of cowardice, makes the most sense — especially if Francis is the False Prophet. Too many Catholics mistake loyalty to ecclesiastical institutions with faith in the Triune God. That mistake could cost them their souls.

    “Ann Barnhardt calls it effeminacy.”

    St. Peter Damian probably used stronger language. Just sayin’

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