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Make America Lose Again! Alabama And The Loss Of Reason

Some people really, really are afraid to win. I am appalled at the puritanical stupidity of some people who even dare to call themselves “Conservatives”.

The Emperor Constantine wasn't good enough for them, though he may well be the single man in power who did most for Christianity. Nor would, if it depended on them, Northern Europe have ever become Christian, because the process of Christianisation in those parts was driven by tribal politics: the leader of the tribe or local King converts to Christianity, therefore everyone else does. About the moral standard of those tribal chiefs and kings I do not need to tell you anything.

It really makes me vomit that with a senate majority in the balance there should be this endless, unbearable, extremely stupid puritanical masturbation about events which took place – if they ever did – some 40 years ago. Man up and secure a Republican seat first, you idiot! All the rest can, if neds be, discussed afterwards and, if it should become necessary for Moore to resign, then make him resign with the seat firmly in Republican hands and have another Republican elected.

The name in the ballot cannot be changed. To force Moore to abandon the race now is to give the seat to a Democrat, pure and simple. How infinitely more evil is that???

And for heaven's sake: every politician in favour of abortion is very likely in mortal sin now, as I write these words. Not in 1979. Not in 1982. Now.

The Democrats don't do this. They defend not only every abortionist. They defend everyone, and are ready to forgive and forget their own! The “Wiener” guy was only dumped when he became truly untenable, and it was during a primary! Hillary wasn't dumped in the midst of several atrocious scandals and suspicions. Clinton was defended in the face of multiple accusations that make Judge Moore's even alleged behaviour appear no more than imprudent!

But you see, the Democrats are Democrats. Many RINOs are also Democrats, and they can't wait to get rid of a chap who threatens their job, and Republican majority be damned. They even want to appear oh so clean, the damn Democratic whores.

Will they manage to deceive the good ones? Is the destiny of good Christians to be forever condemned to live under the liberal yoke because of their very own stupidity?

We shall see. The voters who did not buy the Trump tapes might – and should – not buy any story, any story whatsoever, between themselves and the defence of a Republican seat in the Senate. First you secure the seat. Then you think about the next move. Should it – in hypothesis – a crisis explode and a resignation be triggered, there would still be all the time in the world to prepare one selves for the new election without a damn Democrat in that seat.

Is that so difficult to understand?

Really, how stupid have people become?



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