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Meet The Pontifical Academy For Abortion And Euthanasia

If you had been at the head of a Vatican organisation defending the persecuted in the Thirties, would you have invited Dr Goebbels to “dialogue” about euthanasia and abortion? No.

Why not? Firstly because in non-negotiables there is no need of any dialogue, and secondly because by just having the bastard talk you would give them a stage he will most certainly enjoy and exploit. 

This is not difficult to understand. It is, actually, much easier to understand that if you give Dr. Goebbels a stage – and it does not matter if, before giving him the mick, you faintly repeat that you are against the Holocaust – you are actually being his willing accomplice. 

Dr Goebbels was, as we all know, a proposer of euthanasia and abortion. Therefore, there is no trace of him visiting the Vatican or participating to any “dialogue” about, erm, euthanasia and abortion. 

Sadly, that was then and this is now:  prominent supporters of both abortion and euthanasia are given a stage and a resonance chamber by the so-called Pontifical Academy for Life (presided by Archbishop “Elton” Paglia, the one made immortal in the homoerotic fresco he commissioned). 

How can one read such news and not conclude that, whatever the “dialogue” excuse, Paglia & Co. want to push the euthanasia and abortionist agenda?  Of course they will do it in a subtle way, with distinguos meant to address fringe situations as they smuggle the generals principles among the tepid, the arrogant and the stupid. Catholics will, of course, never fall for this rubbish. 

But how many Catholics are left? And is Paglia one?

Pray more. Pray and do penance. One day, this Paglia* guy, not you, may well burn in hell.  


(Italian for “straw” *)


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