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The Effeminacy Of The West Is Men’s Fault

It was amusing – at least in part – to read several articles in the US press about how to deal with your MAGA relatives on Thanksgiving. The Planned Parenthood one (no link) was particularly amusing, full as he was with “safe spaces” and such like claptrap; but the others were not very far behind.

All of this would be merely the source of merriment, if it did not hide a danger for freedom of expression and, ultimately, for freedom tout court. The leftists are systematically using such tactics to try to silence everyone who does not think like them: from the accusations of “hate” (which is a convenient way to attempt to silence Christians) or “microaggression” (same) to the whining about “bullying” (a very transparent way to push sexual perversion in schools), all this aims at… making you shut up and accept their agenda.

Whilst the majority of such articles and whining seem to come from women, I blame men for the way the “microaggression” mentality is becoming a more or less accepted part of the discourse instead of being material for laughter and hard mockery. Women have always played the “you hurt my feelings” card and, if made in a healthy, reasonable way, this is a perfectly legitimate expression of beautiful femininity. But one would expect that, as it has always happened until the Age of Insanity, men offer a counterbalance to this and call emoting women back to reality with all the opportune firmness and, if needs be, the necessary harshness and/or mockery.

Not so in the age of the Male Feminist. The Sensitive Guy will – in the hope of finding his way in the graces of feminist women – not hesitate in espousing all that heap of passive-aggressive, manipulative bitching and call it good and holy. I think the reasoning is not only wrong and effeminate, but also counterproductive, as even feminists will – in the very rare case that they are attractive – be attracted to manly men rather than to these pathetic, grovelling manlets; which, if a serious relationship with the manly man ensues, is also not unlikely to be the end of their feminism, as feminism only profits fugly women who want the attractive ones to be forever as miserable as they are.

I hope this Thanksgiving weekend there will be a lot of need for “safe spaces”.

Make America Great Again, one turkey at a time.



Please Pray For Father Dickson

I found this message in my comment box: 

Dear ‘Mundabor’

Apologies for using your comments box (this isn’t for publication as a comment, obviously) but I couldn’t seem to find an email address to contact you by. I wonder if I might be as bold as to ask you to ask your readers to pray for Father Dickson, please? I’ve posted more information about his condition in the two recent posts on our blog.

Please feel free to forward or copy and paste them.

Thank you in advance,


I have not followed “Catholic Collar and Tie” recently (there have been no new posts for several months), but I was aware of father Dickson’s health problems. For those of you who don’t know, Father Dickson is the “Collar” and Andrew McDowell is the “Tie”. 

Father is now seriously ill with pneumonia. 

I am sure my readers will join me in my prayers for this brave and sincere priest. My rosary of today is for him, and I encourage all of you to do the same (which means, actually, to also pray the Rosary as father certainly wishes). 



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