Please Pray For Father Dickson

I found this message in my comment box: 

Dear ‘Mundabor’

Apologies for using your comments box (this isn’t for publication as a comment, obviously) but I couldn’t seem to find an email address to contact you by. I wonder if I might be as bold as to ask you to ask your readers to pray for Father Dickson, please? I’ve posted more information about his condition in the two recent posts on our blog.

Please feel free to forward or copy and paste them.

Thank you in advance,


I have not followed “Catholic Collar and Tie” recently (there have been no new posts for several months), but I was aware of father Dickson’s health problems. For those of you who don’t know, Father Dickson is the “Collar” and Andrew McDowell is the “Tie”. 

Father is now seriously ill with pneumonia. 

I am sure my readers will join me in my prayers for this brave and sincere priest. My rosary of today is for him, and I encourage all of you to do the same (which means, actually, to also pray the Rosary as father certainly wishes). 



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  1. Will also pray the rosary today for Father Dixon

  2. Dearly father Dickson,
    I’ll pray for you today and I’ll keep you in my daily prayer. From this very day on.
    May our Most Blessed Mother Always Virgin Mary intercede for you.
    May St. Vincent Ferrer, our great saintly, angelic preacher intercede for you.
    If I may suggest to you to direct your prayers to St. Vincent to advocate you for healing.
    Hereby Novena to Vincent Ferrer:
    A very good thing will be to use Blessed Water for the Sick in Honor of St. Vincent Ferrer:
    I suggest to make Blessed Water according the original ritual. In Latin, exactly as it should be done.

    Dear Andrew and Mundabor, thank you for asking us.
    We should, we must know how great and wonderful weapon we have and therefore often times should use for all our needs, and especially for the needs of our brothers and sisters,- the PRAYER. And yes, especially our Holy Rosary given to us by our own Heavenly Mother.
    When we pray for others, we receive a plenty graces from our Lord, even more than when we pray for our own intentions.

    God bless you all.

  3. Love Father Dickson who, from remarkably gritty trenches, leads all to holiness. His writings always inspire. St Bernadette, patron of those with pulmonary conditions, pray for Father Dickson.

  4. Thank you for this. I had been checking Fr. Dickson’s website, but not recently. I have been praying for him, as I thought that he must be quite ill not to have blogged for such a long time.

    My prayers for him will intensify.

  5. My prayers for Fr Dickson, a good and holy priest.

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