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Buckinghamwood, Or: Dumberello And The Little Screen Princess

The news that a famous celebrity (the actress) is marrying a B-listed minor personage, most famous good-for-nothing in the Realm and the fifth (soon the sixth) in line to the utterly useless throne of England is making waves in old Blighty.

A divorced actress (isn't it romantic?! “Until Filing does us part!”) is about to marry a man known for being rather thick, and whose main claims to celebrity are the funeral of his very slutty mother and the scandal of not having been able to even dirty a canvas with an “abstract painting” for one graduation or other, dirtying for which the poor genius had to be, astonishingly, helped without telling anyone (which is, as everybody knows, cheating and rigging even in so stupid a matter; can't remember if the teacher lost her job, he certainly lost his face).

This is going to be another field day – or rather, field years – for the gutter press, as the marriage of TV Stardom and Royal Dumbness promises to fill millions of pages as the rumours, indiscretions, half truths and full lies start to pile up after the obligatory romance of The Beauty And The Dumbo. I can't wait for the one or other to appear in the one or other reality show for the culturally challenged, then the descent of this once prestigious monarchy into mere entertainment factor for the uneducated will be completed.

I often think of the British Monarchy as the same as the Church of England. Both totally useless, they survive because the British can't even be bothered to notice the latter or to realise the superfluousness of the former (excluding tourism money and entertainment factor). The Monarchy, supposedly the Defenders Of The Faith, has accompanied the country all the way to Tranniedom without as much as a peep, but with a lot of Pump and Circumstance. The so-called “c”hurch of England…

but you know that already.

Both institutions now decrepit, and waiting to die, for which these old eyes will not shed a single tear.

One day the Church of England will be simply abolished and no one will even notice.

One day the abolition of the Monarchy will be proposed, and the only question will be the loss of tourism revenue, or the appalling prospect of having millions of uneducated nincompoops having to talk about the weather even more.

We live in a time where entertainment is king. Dumberello is about to marry his Little Screen Princess.

Buckinghamwood is now our reality.



Religion Of Massacre

Whilst you were busy with your turkey – or rather, with your Jihad on its remains – in Egypt more than 300 Muslims were brutally massacred in an attack planned with chilling cruelty. The attach happened in North Sinai, which happens to be near Israel.

Do you think that, therefore, the attack was perpetrated by, say, militant Jews coming from Israel? Or perhaps by the sparsely still existing Christians living in Egypt!


The brutal attack was perpetrated by, actually, Muslims; Muslims who are so fond of the “religion of peace” that they cannot tolerate the breathing of people, belonging to the same “religion of peace”, peacefully attending their own strange rites.

I seriously wonder what Islam would look like if it were a religion of war, strife, violence and massacre instead of a religion of peace. Would we see Muslims constantly massacring each other and, when they take a pause from it, trying to massacre Christians and Jews? Would we see them become such a force for evil that they surge to be the only inspiration of international terrorism? Would we see them engaging in genocide on a vast scale in mixed faith Countries like Nigeria, or in the brutal, systematic persecution and killing of Christians in Countries like Syria and Iraq as they descend to the most brutal enslavement of their own people, sharing their very same religion of (cough) peace?

That Islam be a “religion of peace” must be the most tragic joke, or rather willed and systematically pushed deception, of our time.


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