Mueller a Trad Hero? Call me Out


This yogurt cardinal has gone off…

Can you believe this guy? 

“There  is a front of traditionalist groups, just as there is with the progressivists, that would like to see me as head of a movement against the Pope.

Er… not me. 

Even not considering his theological antics before becoming head of the CDF (search this blog) this slimy, three-tongued prelate able to speak for and against Amoris Laetitia in the space of twenty-three minutes can never be at the head of anything but a bunch of double-tongued heretics. 

Mueller makes Burke seem a Crusader. He is not even a fake conservative, merely an authentic FrancisWrecker with some moment of less acute heretical crisis, probably for the sake of an applause from Catholics. 

The Cardinal has clearly no idea of what a Traditionalist is, and confuses Traditionalism with watered-down, confused, very poorly instructed rosewater Catholicism with nothing more to show for itself than a vague desire to do something vaguely good. But this is not Traditionalism, and certainly not sound Catholicism. 

Traditionalists recognise that Mueller is not part of the solution, but part of the problem, and know that occasional moments of sanity do not a solid Catholic make, particularly when the same guy is so busy undoing tomorrow what he has done today. 

I am done with Mueller. He belongs to Francis, which means that he belongs to Satan.  May he repent and go back to Catholicism before he dies, but if he thinks that he can escape hell after bending over backwards in fifteen different ways to defend the most astonishingly heretical official document in the history of Catholicism, he truly is a fool. 

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