New Book About Francis: It’s Popcorn Time!

Unholy Father

A new book about the Evil Clown is about to be published in the English translation. 

From what you can read in the link above, it is going to have a nice mixture of what we already know (the arrogance and repression of every Catholic voice and impulse, the astonishing lack of every sense of shame and coherence), what many of us have already suspected (the habitual vulgarity and the explosions of bad temper), and what is new but not surprising (the open opposition of his Jesuit superiors and colleagues, when some of them were still Catholics, to him as a person and to him becoming a Bishop). 

It is very consoling to this old heart to see that what was seen, only a couple of years ago, as the unforgiving rant of some bitter bloggers is now becoming a mainstream topic, at the point of having books exclusively centered on the peculiar traits of the Evil Clown being published in several languages. 

You are welcome. 

As they say in Italy, il tempo e’ galantuomo: time is a gentleman, in that it takes care that everyone is treated fairly. But it is not so, that I – and those who, like me, exposed the crass nature and innate vulgarity of this man – have particular divination instincts.

The reality was there, staring at us in the face. Every Italian mother tongue could easily recognise in the “#azzo” (this is an extremely vulgar Italian word) video the nonchalance, the naturalness of use of the man who is accustomed to pronounce such words often; like you would see in, say, a coarse daily labourer trying to engage in “clean” conversation and failing miserably as his habit has the better of him. It was also not difficult to realise that, among civilised people, refusing to show up at a concert where he was to be the main guest, the host, and the people the invitees where there to see without any warning is the obvious mark and business card of the vulgar boor.

It was all there. One only needed to be willing to see. 

I have, by the way, suspected for a long time the Catholicism and general morality of Bergoglio’s parents.

It can, obviously, always be that good parents are tested with a son going totally astray notwithstanding their honest effort. But it is far more probable that negative traits so ingrained in this man (from the obviously extremely vulgar disposition to the great propensity for shameless lies: “soon, soon!”) are the product of either parental environment or careless child raising. Being Italian, I know that demographics: the lowly educated, coarse, vulgar, resentful blue or very low white collars who have been, for decades, the hunting ground of the Communist Party. I have been to school with their children, and I have observed the parents (who were, I am happy to say, so shockingly different from mine). You could easily see that those particular apples had not fallen far from their respective trees. You could also, growing up, easily notice that decent parents never had vulgar sons, only vulgar parents had. You could also see that past the age of mandatory schools (where they almost invariably failed to take advantage of the excellent education system Italy provides to everyone, irrespective of social condition; a trait vastly different from Anglo-Saxon Countries) they rapidly fell behind as those properly raised started to spend countless hours on Latin, Greek, History, Philosophy and other disciplines that, actually, teach you to think, and behave like a decent man, why the sons of the Communist-voting proletariat became exactly like their fathers and mothers, vulgarity and lack of skills included. 

I wonder whether some of the coarse, vulgar, bullying, resentful school comrades on my childhood should not have entered a Jesuit seminary instead. 

Who knows. In time, they could have become the Pope. 




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  1. I just pre-ordered that from Amazon. Chances are I’m not even going to read it. I really don’t want to read about the pope. But sometimes it’s important just to support the people that are writing about him and that’s why I bought it

  2. Thank you M and a blessed Advent to you.

  3. Being descendant of Italians who migrated to Argentina, including from Piedmont like Bergoglio´s, I can attest that generally they were pretty anti-clerical, even when nominally Catholic. Piedmont was the heart of the Kingdom of Italy, born propelled by masonic forces which made the Pope a prisoner in the Vatican and destroyed the Catholic Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. On the other hand, my Neapolitan ancestors were fairly pious.

    I am sure at Bergoglio’s home they were still cursing against the town’s priest who dared to censure the single mother or the socialist agitator, while living in “luxurious” church accomodations instead of “giving the money to the poor.” I was told that my great-grandmother, who belonged to the local feudal nobility of the Montferrat ruined by Napoleon, always resented that his priest uncle left his money to the church instead of favoring his relatives. I think that Bergoglio is the fruit of the masonic/socialist propaganda that poisoned Piedmont at the time, especially boorish peasantry.

  4. Yes, thank you Mundabor, for doing the task of holding this man accountable. Without blogs like this one, we would be back in the days of wondering what on earth was going on. The Internet is a vast evil, I’m convinced of it, even if only one child were harmed by it, but it has allowed us to actually know with certainty our situation. The evidence against him started piling up right out of the papal gate. He put it out there himself, so many terrible things were done and said. And the left and the neo-Caths saw none of it. What was easily identified as wrong, an indicator of a non-believer, a man who lusts for power and is filled with arrogance and anger, and so on, they saw as “humility” and “mercy” (this is a word he has pretty much ruined for me). There were external signs we could read. Will any of us forget the lightning strike on St. Peter’s? The visual of his “peace dove” being attacked in a most unusual manner, by black crows?
    The people who put up the posters in Rome, mil grazie.
    The people who wrote and signed the fraternal correction, mil grazie.
    The Cardinals of the dubia, mil grazie.
    The Catholic bloggers who kept the information coming, mil grazie.
    The writer of this book, mil grazie.
    May God bless all who did their part, and may He come to our aid.

  5. Congratulations for being one of the first to recognize Pope Francis for what he has turned out to be in a definitive way.

    My very first impression of him on the night of his election was an unhappy moment. They was an absence of joy, a sense of fear. Something didn’t seem right, maybe it was being the Bishop of Rome business, I don’t know, but it was chilling. But you Mundabor have seen more, done more, with constancy and courage to ‘out’ this fantastic creation of the devil who is as much of a catastrophe to the Church as Vatican II.

    • I have given him, in 2013, the benefit of the doubt for as much as I could.
      But when I saw that there were no doubts anymore, I thought it fitting to say it out loud.
      Francis is not our religion. Catholicism is.

  6. The Pope’s letter to the Chilean bishops was just added to the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, with additional heretical commentary. Cardinal Burke & Co. have to act now.

  7. Didn’t take very long for the Francis to fire back. He has now issued his A.L. heresy FORMALLY in the ‘Acta Apostolicae’ which they are saying is formal Magisterial teaching. Of course the Canon Lawyers will argue back and forth about the technicalities of the thing, and whether or not it is really ‘Magisterial’. Regardless, Francis and Co. will promulgate it as being ‘binding’ upon all Catholics. Hang on!! We are now in the throws of a gigantic ‘Francis Tsunami’!

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