Well, the beginning of Advent is marked by the official proclamation of the heresy concerning  communion for adulterers, this time without any doubt and in the form of an “apostolic letter”, to which the letter to the Argentinian Bishops has now been formally “upgraded”. 

There can now be no doubt (if there was one before) that Pope Francis has officially promoted a teaching in clear contrast with the perennial teaching of the Church and has, therefore, officially declared himself a heretic. 

His thank goes, in this fateful day, first of all to Cardinals Burke, Brandmueller, Caffarra and Meisner; two of whom were surprised by death as they were insistently, and very publicly, wetting their lips without any intention of whistling; and the other two of whom have continued, even after the very clear heavenly warnings of the consequences of silence, to keep announcing measures that never came. 

Congratulations, Cardinals Burke and Brandmueller. Your cowardice made this new step possible as Francis has now understood beyond any doubt what paper tigers you are. Congratulations, all other Cardinals and Bishops (exception is made for Bishop Schneider and the SSPX ones only), for allowing Francis to get to this point of sacrilegious arrogance.  

Heavens: Cardinal Burke has even just had another interview published, in which he talks of “End Times” and… still does nothing! This guy is just as shameless as Pope Francis, and I begin to believe that his supporters as just as dumb as Francis’ ones if they keep listening to his every word instead of (metaphorically, of course) spitting the man in the face.  

I am really curious, now, to know what new excuse will be found to explain to us that, if we analyse the new document carefully, it does not really equates to the proclamation of heresy. 

Oh, but you know: we are now in “we are in the end times” mode.

No need to do anything, then…







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  1. Either the Holy Spirit who is guiding the Church is changing its mind every 5 minutes, or the Vatican is full of bull.

  2. From the moment he stepped out on the balcony, I knew this day would come. The day when all doubt of his true self was stripped away. For many of us the doubt was removed long, long ago. Only the willfully blind or sinfully united can ignore him now.

    It’s been a long process. A long slow strip tease act, the removing of veils to reveal a Gorgon.

  3. I have an excuse, can I?
    Because, you see, what was promoted to the “authentic magisterium” was the interpretation of Amoris Laetitia, not Amoris Laetitia itself. So we now know for sure that the only correct interpretation of AL is the bad one, as many people thought. So it isn’t anything new, only a confirmation of what many traditionalists already maintain.
    Now, if AL itself is not authentic magisterium, as we could hear from Card. Burke and the SSPX, there isn’t really a problem. The people pointing to the errors of AL now have an official confirmation that they were right.

    So yes, one can give his submission of will that “there are no other interpretations”.

  4. Well there have been many last minute reversals…Our Lord is known for them. Maybe just maybe…

  5. The time for writing letters is over. So much time has been wasted waiting for the dubia cardinals to act. Now is the time for a faithful cardinal or bishop to call a press conference to denounce the pope as a formal heretic. Yes, he would then be fired but he wouldn’t be tortured and killed like the ancient martyrs were. This act would start a domino effect wherein other faithful shepherds will find the courage to stand up for Christ and His Church. The media coverage of these events would be devastating and embarrassing to the evil clown’s pontificate. All we need is one brave cardinal or bishop to go first. There has got to be a David somewhere to fight Goliath.

  6. Looks like Pope Francis or rather the devil is winning. Is anyone surprised? Do the Bishops and Cardinals even care? Vatican II was the devil’s strategy to kill the Catholic Church by getting it to commit moral suicide. And now Pope Francis is the devil’s instrument for the coup d’etat. Looks like it’s up to God and the laity to save the Church.

  7. Maybe people will now realize that popes are bound by their predecessors when it comes to settled doctrine, that there is no further supernatural intervention once doctrine is settled. And maybe they will also realize it is entirely possible that Vatican II contravened settled doctrine, and in fact that is what happened.

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