Officially Heretical Pope: What Now?

After the official proclamation of heresy beyond any reasonable doubt some of the understandably shocked Catholics will now experience, methinks, a certain sense of disorientation. Therefore, it seems to me that it is now necessary to go back in time and search whether something like that has ever happened in the history of the Church, and what happened next. 

It seems to me that we are now in a phase of obvious Honorius 2.0  : the Pope was officially a heretic and the Bishops (there were no Cardinals then) simply did nothing for as long as the Pope was in charge, and for some time afterwards. 

Did the See become vacant? No. 

Did the Church die? No.

Did the world end? No. 

The Church, which is Indefectible, survived Honorius, and she will survive Francis, irrespective of how many bishops and cardinals will be sent to hell for the offences done to her. 

What happened next? At some point after the death of Honorius, it was decided to right the heresy with the extremely strong move of an Ecumenical Council. Mind, though: as long as he lived, Honorius did not have to retract and I have no knowledge of official resistance of the bishops, or threat to declare Honorius self-deposed (as it was done, though the details are unclear, with Pope Marcellinus) in virtue of the offence committed (“Judge thyself!”, the bishops famously said to Marcellinus).

Yes, we are tested. We are tested by the cowardice and idiocy of the Burkes of the world almost as much as we are tested by the obvious faithlessness and heresy of Francis. But let us put things in the proper context here: just as the faithful in the time of Honorius were not so important that Honorius’ heresy had to mean the end of the church, or of the world, or of whatever is good and holy, we are not so important that this officially heretical pontificate has to mean that the end times are now near. 

Instead of waiting for Armageddon (which will come, have no doubt about this, at the appointed time anyway), you had better pray more and reflect that you, and everyone else, is expected to know and follow the manual irrespective of what Francis says. 

If the world ends, be prepared. But hey, be prepared anyway, and consider that the world did not end in the time of Honorius. 

As I have developed an allergic reaction to meaningless whining and “the end is near” doom saying, I will not publish any comment that does now incite the readers to do (to pray more, to do more penance, to become more active in our sphere of influence) rather than to whinge.

Man up, grab your shield, and go to war. 

Yours is not the first generation to experience the seemingly unthinkable. 




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  1. Time to cowboy up.

  2. BS. This has never happened before. I hope it’s the end of the world, otherwise, I fell for a great story that just wasn’t true.

  3. Thanks for the post. I will pray that we all have courage in the face of this storm. The following is an interesting link containing prophecies which might refer to this event.

  4. …be prepared anyway, and consider that if the world did not end in your time, your life here will for sure end in your time.

  5. For those worried that this latest development means the end of the world they might take some comfort from this:

    • A lot of tosh in that article. The problem is not whether Can. 915 has been abrogated. My cat knows that it hasn’t (yet). The problem is that Francis undermines it officially.
      But yes, certainly no sign that the end of the world is coming.

  6. Francis is full of contradictories which are opposed all Jesus’ teachings, denying Catholic doctrines. We actually need to express our just indignation and wrath directly at this clown in order not to wake him up (It’s in vain); but to turn his minions back to common sense. One thing we forget that the power of evil NWO that has given to Francis is still controlled by God’s. May God put aside this ungodly, wicked pope and stop him from eliminating RCC.

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