Kitten Revolt In The Making?

There are rumours around that a “prestigious” Cardinal (believe me: no such thing in the Year of the Lord 2018) would have become angry at the Evil Clown to the point of raising his voice in a heated exchange. The Cardinal is, it is further rumoured, one who voted for Bergoglio in 2013. The Cardinal would have told the Evil Clown that he wasn't elected to break everything (I assume “sfasciare tutto” is the expression used because it is common in Italy; the raising of the voice also lets me and other deduce the Cardinal was Italian; because hey, we do voice raising pretty well…).

Yours Truly does not think that this is the beginning of the Big Explosion, albeit I would be extremely glad to be proven wrong.

Whoever this Cardinal was, he had no guts to publicly rebuke Francis for Amoris Laetitia. He is, therefore, a wet kitten all right, raising of voice or no raising of voice. He is also, always if we believe the rumour, someone able to vote a semi-Unknown – but through and through V II – Cardinal as Pope in 2013, which is an even worse sign. Finally, he might be one of the many people disappointed that only homos and rabid third-worldists make a career in the Vatican; career being, clearly, the only religion left within the Leonine Walls these days.

There is, therefore, no reason to reasonably hope that Francis' days may now be counted, and the ultimatum given to him of either recanting AL or facing an extraordinary council behind the corner.

However, the episode tells me – and, I think, many others – this: that when the Barque gets a sane Pope again, help might come from unexpected corners, from people whom we rightly despise, from unlikely defenders of the faith. The ways of the Lord, and all that.

It would be wonderfully ironic if, one day, the bomb under Francis' humble chair were to be detonated by godless careerists disappointed for their lack of advancement together with – hopefully – people inspired by the Divine Intervention to put an end to their shameful – and I might be inventing a word here – kittendom.

No, I do not think that any kitten revolt is in the making. But it is consoling to see that some kitten can at least raise their voice.




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  1. It appears that fellow Argentine-Italian Leonardo Sandri, who may be of better Italian stock than the pagliaccio maximus, is mad at Homogolio, not much because of his mudflow of heresies, but due to his lack of decorum and overall boorishness. Sandri knew the guy fairly well but did not anticipate that he would be unleashed, oh surprise, when he had no temporal authority reining him in. That is, that Bergoglio as Pope would be . . . the vulgar and shallow porteño Bergoglio with almost unlimites power. Therefore, it is just the case of a modernist complaining that the Homogoglio is too much even by their relaxed standards.

  2. Hey Mr. M. If you haven’t already done so, you need to read “The Dictator Pope.”

    Link is to the English e-book. There’s an Italian version as well. Just finished Chapter 3 on financial “reform.” Blockbuster allegation of diversion of Peter’s Pence to the Clinton campaign.

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