Canon 915, Heresy And The Pope

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No worries, Canon 915 has not been changed…


Every single time Francis does something atrocious, there is the one or other theologian explaining to us that Francis has not proclaimed a new dogma, or abolished Canon 915, or the like. 

Yeah, well, interesting as an intellectual curiosity. Still, I think that the approach is totally wrong, and that we must stop circling around the real problem. If there is a hurricane going on, I am not really interested in the way the ozone layer reacts to it, nor am I reassured by the newly imparted knowledge. There is a hurricane going on, this is what counts.    

Canon 915 is not just another canon. It reflects perennial teaching of the Church. Therefore, the prohibition of Canon 915 cannot be changed, sabotaged, or otherwise circumvented by anyone, and be him the Pope. 

Every article reassuring you that Canon 915 has not been touched actually sends these messages: a) that it could be made, legitimately, hollow at some point in future and: b) that the Canon is being sabotaged but hey, don’t worry, it’s still there!

This is, emphatically, not the case in point. The point is that the Church prohibits communion for adulterers, and Francis is going against this prohibition. Therefore, any discussion about the matter should begin and end with the obvious recognition that no one, not even a Pope, can change iota unum in the matter of communion for adulterers. All the rest is, again, walking around the huge elephant in the room, pretending not to see it. 

Which leads to the second matter: heresy. I am not at all interested in the discussion about whether Francis is a formal heretic in the strict sense of the matter. For me, and for every God-fearing Catholic on the street, heresy does not begin when a dogma is officially put in question or denied, or there is an attempt to change it ex cathedra.  Heresy is, in the common parlance of God-fearing Catholics, the willed promotion of heterodox thinking and the working in order to subvert what the Church has always believed, irrespective of whether a dogma has been touched or not. Pope John XXII is, rightly, considered a heretical Pope because he promoted such a thinking, even if the contrary belief of the Church had not been declared a dogma yet. 

It follows from this that Pope Francis is a heretic and must be seen as such by every God-fearing Catholic; that every one of his actions meant to sabotage the Depositum Fidei in any way, shape or form must be condemned in the strongest terms, and refused obedience;  and that we, the God-fearing Catholics, must demand that our Cardinals and Bishops grow a pair already, react to Francis’ endless provocations, and demand that he recants his heretical statements or face deposition. 

Which, if it does not happen, does not cause the end of the world, nor the end of the Catholic faith. It merely causes the age to plunge into a deeper state of confusion, analogue to the one experienced in the time of Honorius,  A situation of confusion from which, if the Bishops and Cardinals do not intervene, God will free us at some point, when the justly meted punishment for the madness of Vatican II has been recognised, and its evil acknowledged and repented. 

A heretical Pope is still the Pope. Honorius was still the Pope. Marcellinus was still the Pope. Liberius was still the Pope. John XXII was still the Pope. There is no Church record stating that they were no Popes during the time of their heterodoxy. Not even the ecumenical council caused by Pope Honorius’ heresies stated such a thing. 

But a heretical Pope is a Pope that should, now, be forced to change his ways or deposed (as happened with Marcellinus and John XXII, and did not happen with Honorius and, in a different way, with Liberius); failing which the bishops and cardinals who have refused to act (talking to you, Cardinal Burke!) will pay the most horrible price for their cowardice. 

Catholics lived with a heretical Pope before. They are living with a heretical Pope now. Shit and Pope Francis happen. It is not for us to decide who is and is not Pope.

But it is for us to acknowledge an obvious, factual situation and ask that our shepherds do their darn job already.









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  1. The American bishops voted on a document several times in the past 12 years or so, “Catholics in Political Life.” In it, they say that a bishop may “legitimately” give Communion to pro-abortion politicians.

    A teensy, weensy, eensy, beensy problem: Doing so is a mortal sin. Every time canon 915 is ignored, it’s a mortal sin.

    So our bishops voted themselves permission to commit mortal sin. No bishop seems ever to have noticed, or to have pointed it out.

  2. Amen. Cardinals, Bishops & Canonists will face a terrible judgement if they don’t agree that PF needs to be denounced promptly for his heretical & blasphemous pertinacity & Catholics warned not to follow his teaching. A pope cannot force his personal opinions on his flock by making them binding in an exhortation nor can he attempt to change the Sacraments or rewrite the Ten Commandments to suit his philosophy. It is obvious that he is a Marxist who hates the CC & on no account should he be allowed to further his virulent attack against it, leading souls to ruination. The dual papacy PBXVI’s semi-resignation left us with has never been canonically explained, nor has there been a declaration as to which half holds the title Vicar of Christ & holder of the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. They both cannot claim this title.

    There is much more to PF’s dubious election to be revealed – the overseeing of the last conclave by Obama’s henchmen & the pressure they brought upon it to have their man elected. In order for the CC as a Divine institution not to be further saturated in the mire of this pontificate, it will be necessary for him to resign before the disclosure of the American government’s investigation into the Vatican’s fraudulent financial support of Hillary Clinton, the reported evidence that such funds came from Peter’s Pence, the recent sackings of high officials in the Vatican Bank, the Knights of Malta fiasco & the expulsion of Cardinal Pell to Australia to face what appears to be trumped-up charges.

    • Francis is the Pope, Ana. We do well to cope with reality rather than mumbling the possible existence of a parallel one.
      Bad Popes, or even heretical ones, aren’t new.
      It’s the abandonment of their flock by thousands of shepherds that is shocking…

  3. The Pope has the benefit of all his theological advisers and support from other Bishops. There can no excuse for the Pope from ignoring sound advice and going it alone on teaching that is obviously contrary to Catholic doctrine and tradition. No excuse is permitted for his actions.

  4. Yes, the imagery conjured up of a noted theologian promoted by a “celebrity” blogging priest is one of tragic absurdity with the two of them blocking their ears with their fingers all the while uttering “la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la”.

    • Well, the “celebrity blogger” actually pointed out that these “nothing has changed” talk has given us altar girls and many other abuses ….

  5. Right. The ‘elephant in the living room’ isn’t dangerous, you know……all you have to do is walk around him!

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