Vote Moore.

The election in Alabama is now only one week away, and it is difficult to underestimate its importance. In a political environment in which RINOs hide behind every bush, ready to ambush Trump like it's Iraq in 2003, it is absolutely vital that solid Conservatives win as many races as possible. What counts here is to occupy the seat in the first place, and secure it for Trump. In the extremely improbable event that the – as it appears more and more likely, slanderous – accusations against Judge Roy Moore should prove accurate, there will always be all the time in the world to deal with it whilst occupying the seat. But again, it seems that nothing will happen, besides a number of Republican Senators asking the despicable McConnell to step aside and, possibly, retire altogether.

Moore seems to have a solid lead again, and it would appear very reasonable to think that he will win easily. However, one should never underestimate the dirt that the Democrats and his fifth columns among the Republicans – McConnell and Ryan first – can throw at a candidate they fear.

Therefore, my appeal to my Alabama readers – if any – and to their relatives and acquaintances – if any – is to resolve now to vote for Moore no matter what dirt the Democrats and the above mentioned Judases may throw at him, sending a clear signal that such campaigns are not enough to vote for the wrong candidate, irrespective of the merit of the accusations. It beggars belief that one should vote for the killing of unborn babies because the candidate against it does not satisfy one's moral standards.

Therefore, my dear – if any – Alabamian readers, stay cool and vote for Moore even if he should be accused of the most outlandish crimes.

Put that ass in the senate seat first. All the rest will be discussed afterwards.

Very probably there will nothing to discuss anyway.


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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Those who can’t vote for Moore can contribute to his campaign at

  2. ilovevictoriasbows

    A thirty year old man groping or dating young teens forty years ago is ‘icky’. Voting to kill babies is enabling and condoning murder. Vote Moore and then primary him in two years if you wish. Meanwhile, he’ll vote to protect the sanctity of life, the sacrament of marriage and keeps men out of girls bathrooms.

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