Father Minutella And Vatican II

One can’t avoid having sympathy for Padre Minutella, who – in the usual, pleasantly emotional Italian way, see the video above – has no timidity and, in fact, great courage in resisting to the heresies of our time. 

However, there is a fundamental problem in father Minutella’s thinking. Whilst he has a traditional mindset, he is not – as he states (in English) here – a Traditionalist. 

He is not a Traditionalist because he refuses to see in the very spirit, in the very idea of Vatican II the origin of the problem.

Padre Minutella is, in a way, an emotional version of Cardinal Ratzinger; sharing with him the belief that the problem is not the Second Vatican Council, but various manipulations or misrepresentations that followed it. 

This is a big problem and I think that, in time, Father Minutella will understand it himself. Every “Ratzingerian” conservative is trying to sit between two chairs, of which one has rotten legs, all the while maintaining that the position is comfortable and, in fact, the only fitting one. 

Best wishes to this courageous priest. But heavens, it is high time that he realises where all the problem originated, and stops thinking that the problem started in, say, 2013.




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  1. I’ve been on the ‘Trad’ side of the fence since I left university. (The real world was a bit of a shock to me…) I cannot understand people believing that ‘the problems’ all started in whatever year they finally woke up to the mess we are enduring. With a little reading, one can easily see that VII was a disaster waiting impatiently to happen, plotted and planned by liberal priests in suits (Ratzinger for instance) and nuns in yards of unflattering polyester (now traveling by bus), all very intellectual and knowing what we Catholics really needed, better than we did. They’ve enjoyed quite a bit of success, but some unstinting real Catholics who could write, followed by the internet, have shown them for what they are.
    Padre Minutella sounds sincere but sheltered. I hope he will begin the real discernment process and realize where the blame lies so that he can become an effective proponent for the triumph of the Faith.

  2. Great point. It’s got to be hard for clergy to wrap their minds around that reality. It’s hard for us to look at it and make that connection, harder for men who have been immersed in it for decades, had it taught, reinforced, etc. But how can anyone argue with that as fact now that we are standing in the ruins of our church, wrecked by men who just could not resist taking things further, and further, and further.
    Let that camel’s nose in the tent, and soon he will be in in entirety.

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