Our Pope, Who Art An Idiot

It is, perhaps, fitting to add my two cents to what has already been written about Pope “Evil Clown” Francis approving a modified version of the Our Father for the poor French. 

As pretty much always, the problem with Francis is that he does not believe in God. Not believing in God, he thinks that the church is a purely human construct. He also clearly believes that this human construct has done pretty much everything wrong before electing him Pope. Therefore, he proceeds to “improve” on her by proposing alternative teachings, and trying to shape her in the image and likeness of the only god he recognises: comrade Jorge Bergoglio. He did so already concerning communion, marriage, homosexuality, war, poverty, climate change, death penalty, illegal immigration, and countless other matters. Again: it is clear that this man thinks that the Church did everything wrong, from her very beginnings, until he appeared on the scene. This is the clear mark of the atheist.

It is, therefore, no surprise that not even the Our Lord should be spared by this unspeakable scoundrel. 

Other have entered into more or less erudite conversations about the exegesis of the word “temptation” and the ways in which ne nos inducas in tentationem can be understood. I frankly don’t care. 

What was good for my grandma, and for her grandma before her, is good enough for me. What the Church and the centuries have hallowed, no dirty Argentinian scoundrel is allowed to manipulate. The very idea that the Church may have got the very words of our Lord wrong for centuries is the most obvious evidence of unbelief that can be given.

Like every unbeliever, Francis hides behind various very small and very crooked fingers: historical “research”, literal meaning which “might be misunderstood” (heavens, what a cretin…), a feigned desire to do good, and such like rubbish. This is what every fake believer does as he discusses with you about what “research” tell them about, say, deaconesses, or the role of the priest, or the church’s attitude towards adulterers or homos. Fake research and fake science are always the refuge of true unbelievers. 

A Pope tampering with the English translation of dogmatic statements accepted for many generations is a Pope showing that he simply does not believe that the Church has any function at all, and that God would allow the entire Western Christianity to be misled concerning his words; he shows, therefore, that he does not believe in God, as it is absurd to believe in such a mickey mouse god: clearly plagued with communication problems, not even able to make himself understood when he talks to his creatures, and obviously unable to enforce the most elementary standards concerning himself. 

Pope Francis is clearly a dyed-in-the-wool atheist, and an extremely arrogant man. But he is also extremely stupid, as he is clearly unable to understand how his vanity and arrogance expose him as a boor, and a miserable ass dressed in white, for everyone who has any trace of sensus catholicus left in him. 

Our Father, who art in heaven,

please free us from this scourge. 




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    Oh, campy clergy
    And wasted women
    It’s all about just you.

    You cannot think
    Outside the globe
    Or past the sixties view.

    But Holy Mother
    Catholic Church
    Universal on this earth,

    Her stars and moon
    And sun helped grow
    Our boys beyond their birth,

    Where deep dark nights
    And mornings gold
    Protected as we prayed,

    First light’s low Mass –
    Evening rosaries, while you’ve grayed.

    Time waits not for
    Your desires
    Or you, new truths to declare…

    The Universal
    Truths are set —
    Tradition’s celibate sons will bear!

  2. I’m always puzzled why anyone falls for this “scholarly research” ploy anymore. Doctrine comes from history: the history of a real Person who walked and spoke to large crowds for several years. Why would some “scholar” living in the 20th or 21st century discover some “fact” 2,000+ later that was unknown or unappreciated AT THE TIME CHRIST LIVED that would “improve” our understanding of what He actually said an did — an understanding that was insufficient among THOSE THAT ACTUALLY KNEW HIM. Of course, if you believe Scripture and Tradition did not accurately preserve the Faith, then all bets are off. But, if you actually believe that, then how do you feel about out current knowledge of the Punic Wars? Julius Caesar and the invasion of Gaul? The development of the Empire in the East? etc? etc? At the best, scholarship in Classics refines knowledge previously presented by appropriately-respected contemporaneous source material. It NEVER acts like the source material is untrustworthy and that 21st century forensics is the only way we’ll figure out who the “real’ Julius Caesar was.

  3. If you believe Scripture and Tradition did not accurately preserve the Faith, then you are ALSO not a Catholic.

  4. Thanks for this. So well put. This man is an absolute scoundrel, and thank you for the descriptive term. His hubris in imagining he can improve on the words of Christ, that God just got it wrong, it is really disturbing, really stunning. And of course, crickets from anyone inside the Church, they are as silent as graves, no matter what he does, they have nothing to say. If he gets away with this, it will be a turning point. May God deliver us from this devil and soon.

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