Cardinals Brandmueller And Burke Should Have The Decency To At Least Shut Up

In a show of shameless, but attention-addicted cowardice that really makes me want to vomit, the two surviving Dubia Cardinals keep giving virtue-signalling interviews whilst obviously, publicly refusing to do their job. 

In the present situation, no Cardinal is authorised to think, even for a second, that he has done his job if he limits himself to vaguely whine about the Church going in the wrong direction. It’s not that we don’t know where the problem comes from. 

In the case of Brandmueller and Burke, the silence is even more scandalous – and the constant, virtue-signalling interview-giving even more disgusting – because by issuing the Dubia they have so clearly decided to publicly wet their lips that the subsequent refusal to whistle for now more than 450 days beggars belief. When the four Cardinals issued their Dubia, not even I (never a fan of V II prelates) thought that they could be not only so cowardly that they do nothing afterwards, but also such attention-seeking hypocrites that they keep giving interviews and play the good prelate as if we could not see what cowards they are. 

 Let me say it once again: these people are Bishops and Cardinals. Martyrdom (and I mean the real one) must be in their thoughts every day of the year and every hour of the day.

All they are risking is the loss of their splendid apartments and offices, of their extremely pampered living and, possibly most importantly at that age, of the honours and prestige coming with their extremely elevated rank. Even this is, apparently, too much to ask of a Cardinal these days. 

Vatican II has destroyed almost every sense of what a prelate is and should be. It has replaced it with blind allegiance to the hierarchy and excuse-making that would never apply to any politician. I cringe at the thought of how many very, very dumb faithful keep making excuses for these hirelings, from the immortal “what can they do?”  (they can denounce heresy; that’s what they can do, Sherlock…) to the usual fantasies about cunning plans and strategies so clever that no one can see there is one in the first place.


Cardinals Brandmueller and Burke should have at least the decency to shut up, and spend more time reflecting on the terrible price they will be called to pay when they die. 




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  1. It truly is frustrating to wait for the cardinals and bishops to do their job. The problem is over half of the hierarchy approve of what Francis is doing, because he appointed only modernists to a group already full of Vatican II modernists. Surprisingly, none of the orthodox prelates have come out publicly to join the Dubia Cardinals in all this time, which is, no doubt, what they were anticipating. To make matters worse, two of their number died unexpectedly. The thought must have crossed their minds whether they were natural or unnatural deaths. Regardless, this is no excuse and they should pray for the courage to complete their mission. Someone should have stopped the bull in the china shop four years ago when he was just getting warmed up. I hope the traditional cardinals and bishops know how let down the laity feel because of their inaction.

  2. Bravely spoken, pseudonymous blogger! If only you were a cardinal, I am sure you would have been martyred by now.

  3. My aren’t we charitable….

  4. Yes. They need to just. quit. talking.

  5. “But if I had, yes, I would have done so fully prepared to undergo martyrdom.”

    In all seriousness and in fraternal charity, Mundabor, for future reference you should be aware that in the early Church the very people who made this sort of boast were the very ones who betrayed Christ in the end. I too would be fully prepared to undergo martyrdom, God preparing me, God granting me the grace of perseverance, God by his grace overcoming my natural cowardice in the face of death. Honestly, knowing life as I do I would be very loathe to speak so bravely lest the Lord put me to the test. Even St. Philip Neri used to say, beginning his day, “Lord, be very careful of Philip today, lest he betray you.” He was not fully prepared even to make it through an ordinary day, much less one in which he would face martyrdom! Mundabor, be sober, be watchful!!

    • You utterly and completely misunderstand me. At the same time, you seem to think that one just happens to be a cardinal. I chose in younger years not to become a priest largely because I did not feel that I would be able to be willing to die at a moment’s notice, as a couple of priests I knew certainly were. Being a priest was, therefore, not for me (or you), much less a bishop or a Cardinal.
      But I would only accept a red hat if I had that kind of strength and were fully determined to keep it for the rest of my life. Every other attitude would make me unworthy of the job.
      A Cardinal *must* be ready to undergo martyrdom *or he must not become a priest, much less a bishop, much less a Cardinal*.

  6. Alright. Understood. Thanks for your reply.

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