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Tax Reform And Never Trumpers

In a beautiful paradox, Judge Moore’s defeats might well have become the catalyst for a huge achievement for the Trump Administration: the Tax Reform.

I will wait that Santa brings me the approval in both House and Senate before rejoicing, as I still struggle to believe this is going to happen. However, as success now appears highly probable I will try to give a short explanation of what I think is happening.

What I think is happening is that Breitbart & Co. have raised the level of danger for the likes of Ryan and McConnell, to the point that their obvious policy of boycott of Trump’s agenda seems linked to an increasingly greater danger, for an increasing number of them, to be kicked out of the next elections already at the Primaries. This is what Bannon & Co. clearly have in mind, and the Alabama primary has shown how powerful they can be. The threat of all-out war to a number of prominent Senators and Representatives becomes the more evident as their obstructionism becomes more obvious. At some point, something’s gotta give and it appears that the desire to harm Trump has given way to the fear of harming themselves. Yes, Bannon & Co. will still go after an awful lot of RINOs’ scalps; but this is exactly the reason why some Republican credentials must be faked at this point; and if Trump profits from it then it is very unfortunate, but not worth the risk of not being reelected.

Also, the de facto soon almost vanishing majority in the Senate has forced everyone to act fast. With McCain still alive and the Republicans officially at 51-49 (but I consider it a factual 50-50, as Cain McCain is very advanced in years and a RINO if ever there was one) there was just no time to lose, and lo and behold, the agreement came very fast in the end.

You don’t believe how fear of losing one’s seat can sharpen one’s mind.

Thank God for Steve Bannon and the hardline Deplorables.

They might have managed to make of the likes of McConnell something resembling  Republicans.



Kick Him Out!

You can see the homo priests in the distance

The always despicable National UnCatholic Reprobate magazine has a particularly despicable article about a Catholic priest who, as they say, “came out” as a homosexual. I spare you the whiny details, which I am sure you can imagine without reading.

Some bits of sound thinking help you to answer to your friends or relative or acquaintances or work colleagues when trying to inflict on you the satanical, sugary rubbish.

1. Born The Right Way

God does not “do” perversion. He merely allows it. It is absurd to think that God would cause a person to be “born that way”. Everyone is born the right way.

2. Homo By Choice

Everyone is born straight. However, some of them allow themselves to fall into the (disgusting, besides damning) pit of perversion. How do they do it? By (repeatedly) assenting to the disordered thoughts emerging in their mind. It is, in this perspective, not relevant and no excuse that some may live in an environment more conducive to such perversion: say, because “adopted” by inverted “parents”, or the victim of sexual abuse when little. There is never an excuse for what in the end must perforce be a willed choice. People don’t pervert themselves overnight. Such a change in one’s mind and way of thinking must perforce be the result of countless episodes of assent to what one knows to be wrong.

3. Homos Cannot Be Priests

The very idea that an inverted man may be fit for the priesthood speaks volumes about the decay of elementary Catholic (nay: Christian!) thinking in the West. A man called to celibacy and chastity should do so when, clearly, Satan already has such a hold on him that he can pervert him in the very roots of his being. This fake Christianity clearly does not believe in God, and reduces the priest’s role to a purveyor of sugary common places and trite social justice whining. That the hands of a pervert should be allowed to confect, elevate and hold the Host is something only people not believing in Transubstantiation could even imagine.

4. Homosexual Priests Are A Major Source Of Priest Pedophilia

The first John Jay Report and common sense observation of the reality around us tell us a simple fact: that whilst not all homos are paedos, a disproportionate number of paedos are homos. Not only has the first John Jay Report staggering figures about that (Google around), but this is also evident from the daily observation of the cases that make headlines. Normal, straight men are, sinner as they my be, just not of that sort. They like tits, you know.

5. God Cannot Have Been Wrong

The outlandish idea that homosexuality be anything different from what the Church has always believed it is (a perversion so hideous and horrible that even the name was shunned) equates to the belief that God was wrong for 2000 years and starts, encouraged by leftists and atheists the world over, to see reason just now. But if God can change His mind, then He is not perfect, which means that He is no God, which means that there is no God. The contrary is true: there is a God, this God is perfect and immutable, and Truth is just as immutable as its Creator. What was believed since the start must be believed to the end.


I hope that, even in these disgraceful times, this despicable individual is kicked out, defrocked, humiliated and left without any financial support; which would still be a very mild punishment for the open rebellion to that God to Whom he has consecrated his life.



O Holy Night

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