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2018: Happy New Year And Some Objectives For The World At Large


Please, go away…

The year now begun follows one of the most astonishing years I was given to live up to now. In fact, I often felt several decades younger as Donald Trump’s 2017 echoed Ronald Reagan’s 1981 (happily, minus the attempt on his life) in the way the world received a strong message that there is a new sheriff in town and a lot is going to change. 

At my age I am accustomed to think not in years, but in historical phases spanning several, and at times very many of them; and it seems to me that a very heavy pendulum may, slowly, have begun to swing the other way.

On environmadness we are clearly advancing fast, and the end of the infamous Individual mandate is the end of one of the greatest threats to Christianity at least in the US. Already the battle about “Merry Christmas” signals a different approach and the beginning of a counteroffensive. A booming US economy will, hopefully, help Trump to consolidate his position by the Mid-term elections (I am happy with a stronger majority in the Senate for the judicial appointments; it is very rare that a president gets to keep both House and Senate, so don’t get your hopes too high that this might happen).

In my eyes, though, there are two events that might precipitate, with God’s grace, an acceleration of this pendulum in 2018.

The first one is the sudden resignation and departure of at least one of the SCOTUS Justices and its substitution for a Justice in the mold of Neil Gorsuch. Bader Ginsburg was born in 1933, Kennedy in 1936, Breyer in 1938. You do the math. Add Sotomayor (born 1954) with alleged severe diabetes issues. This is, I think, the most important front in 2018 as no one knows (though everyone can hope) that the comfortable majority that had Gorsuch elected (if memory serves 54, which is more than the Republican senators, fake or authentic) will survive the Mid-Term elections. God willing we might get an even stronger base, but you never know.

This is, I think, the most important development I can think for 2018, because a conservative majority in the SCOTUS will change the face of the US and, in time, the entire West. Put together abortion, sexual deviancy and protection of freedoms and you see what planetary effect a safe Conservative majority on the Supreme Court will have. In fact, I will go as far as to say that the stakes in the Supreme Court vastly overshadow the other fronts on which Trump is fighting (from security to economy), because with some luck he can set up the Country (and the West) for decades of sanity.

The second development I hope for 2018 is – and there is no kind way to say this – the end of the disgraceful pontificate of Francis. Whether he dies or flies off to Argentina for his own private or health reasons I do not really care, but I would still prefer for him to die already in order to avoid (at least as long as Benedict lives, which I think won’t be long) the vaguely obscene spectacle of three living present or former Popes. No, it’s better for him to kick the bucket straight. One can hope that one of his allegedly frequent attacks of rage might do the job; but hey, Deus providet

Note here that there is no guarantee that any successor of Francis will be less atrocious than him, and the thought of a young Francis II (like Tagle) is really disconcerting. However, I am – like, I think, many of you – at such a point of exasperation that I just wish the old, lewd rascal gone, come what may. As we do with every rascal, we wish the man salvation and, making an effort, we even pray for it. But boy, let’s hope he dies soon.

There are, of course, many other things that could be repaired in 2018, but then there are always many of those. The two objectives above seem the most important to me.

Join me in praying for success on both these fronts. And please don’t be a limp-wristed whino: people die, and they die when the Lord has so decreed.

You wishing that they go out of the picture for a greater good – not out of hate for the person, but out of love for Christ and His Church – is the Catholic thing to do.



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