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How The Times Have Changed!

Only one is Catholic...

Two days ago I wrote a blog post stating, without any evocation, that I wish to see Francis dead in 2018. Resigned if needs be. But ideally, dead. Not – it is worth repeating this – because of personal animosity against the man, but because of the evil he is inflicting on the Bride of Christ, and the sustained spitting in the face of the Bridegroom his papacy daily represents.

Only two years ago, such a post would have been followed by a handful of angry comments about my lack of charity, the sweet Peter on earth and such like rubbish. Mind, I would have deleted the comments, but they would have been there in the first place.

This time, nothing. After two full days.

Your humble correspondent draws from this the rather linear conclusion that this papacy has now become such an obvious disgrace, such a permanent threat to Catholic orthodoxy, that the number of those who recoil at the idea of wishing the death of the Evil Clown is dwindling rapidly as his work of destruction becomes evident to the most obdurate Pollyannas around.

By the by, I also notice that for months now I do not recall receiving one single comment stating that Francis is well-intentioned but badly advised, or surrounded by wolves, or suck like nonsense.

This Pope is so stupid, and at the same time such an enemy of the Church, that he is possibly unwilling to see that he has gone too far, and made his relentless attacks on Catholicism so transparent, so evident as to deny their very aim: the deception of the faithful.

Still, the dumbass is so stubborn, and so childish, that he cannot refrain from his constant heretical propaganda. He truly seems a child continuing his tantrums out of sheer spite, and to show to himself that he can (he has, in fact, very weak parents; or bishops as the case may be).

When there is nothing to keep a spoiled brat in check there will be a lot of noise, confusion, and broken toys. But every protestation of the parents notwithstanding – that the child is merely “vivacious”, or “strong-willed” – everyone around clearly understands that this is a spoiled brat, and a stupid child, not kept in check by his weak, disgraceful parents.

Let me say it once again: this man has gone so far in his War on Catholicism that I am rather ready to run the risk of a Tagle or Schoenborn becoming Pope than having this old, lewd ass further defacing Holy Mother Church.

I seem to remember that Winston Churchill once made a joke to friend, at a funeral, reflecting that it is never those whom we wish dead who die.

But then again, at times he must have had his wish, must he not?





The Three Bisops’ Statement: More Than Meowing, Less Than It Is Needed

Update: 2 further Bishops have joined the original three



Three Bishops, from very remote parts of the Christian world, have published an official declaration of allegiance to the Depositum Fidei and condemnation of novelties, even if proposed or supported from the very top. There is a clear, but implicit criticism of the Pope. I cannot post the links now but they are everywhere.

My enthusiasm is somewhat limited, but this is certainly a positive development anyway. We now have three bishops instead of one openly and solemnly criticising AL's fake theology.

Three Bishops and four two Cardinals over the entire Catholic world, with many others certainly choosing to shut up out of pure cowardice.

None of them, mind, calls the Pope a heretic. None demand that he recants or resigns or is deposed by a Council. Francis is implicitly criticised (by the Bishops; the Cardinals haven't gone beyond “doubting” as far as official pronouncements are concerned), but not in the least openly challenged. No one even openly accuses him of willingly spreading heretical, and be it that materially heretical, statements. Saying that something is wrong without addressing what this logically entails is like the doctor telling the patient what his body is doing, but stopping short of informing said patient that he has cancer.

The laity remains firmly in front in the battle against this Papacy. The bishops remain largely, with few exceptions, silent. Most Cardinals are also silent, with the faint echo of a timid meowing here and there.

Yes, this is a positive development as every time a bishop speaks and says something Catholic it is ground for rejoicing. But several bishops' conferences have expressed, albeit in less solemn terms and without the veiled accusations to the Pope, the same concept: rules can't change, and that's the end of it. Therefore, this declaration isn't earth-shattering. It is good. But we need more.

We need for our bishops and cardinals to call a heretic a heretic and let the fireworks begin. Reaffirmations of doctrinal points, or even implicit criticism of their subversion, without an open accusation and denounciation of the Pope who is clearly behind them aren't terribly helpful, merely a good start.

The surgeon does not excise a tumor by telling it that it is bad. He takes the scalpel and gets rid of it.

We need for our bishops and cardinals to do their job and call for either a retraction or the scalpel (the council). The Church has cancer and we can't just limit ourselves to state that this is different from being in rude health.

But at least, this statement goes beyond the faint meowing of the (dead or living) Kitten Cardinals.




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