The Commie Cardinal, His Homo “Close Friend” And The Merciful Protector Of Commies, Perverts And Thieves

Cardinal Maricadiaga.... No, wait...


Cardinal Maradiaga is, apparently, not having a gay old time as accusations of personal enrichment have reached him even as his “close friend” auxiliary bishop is accused not only of being inverted, but of having given Church money to his “intimate friend”, or friends as the case might well be. Link on Gloria TV.

One wonders how could Matadiaga not know of the gravely depraved tendencies of his “close friend”. One wonders also, if you allow me the thought, about how close this close friend is to the Commie Cardinal. One can also not avoid thinking that the inverted bishops might know things about his Cardinals that should rather remain in the closet.

Let our be yeah be yeah here: if a Cardinal has a close bishop friends that turns out to be a homo, it is perfectly legitimate – nay, it is sane – to suspect that: a) the Cardinal might be a homo or even an active sodomite, and/or b) that the “close” friend is an agent of the homo Mafia who can avoid being kicked out because he knows compromising facts about the Cardinal.

Maradiaga has, today, resigned, certainly in the previous knowledge that the Evil Clown would refuse to accept his resignation. But if he thinks that this is the end of his troubles, he is very badly advised.

What, therefore, do we have? Cardinal is a potential thief, his close friend and auxiliary bishop appears to be a homo, and the homo also appears to use Church money to… you imagine that very well.

Francis, the Merciful Protector Of Commies, Thieves, and Perverts, has come to the rescue for as long as he can.

I can't even manage to be angry, as the Evil Clown has now shot himself in the foot once again.

I Can't wait for the guy berating us again, starting from tomorrow, for being decent Catholics.



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  1. According to, Francis did not accept the resignation effective January 3, as reported by Honduran Radio América.

  2. As early as in 2011 there were journalists and priests in Honduras denouncing the rear-ended relationship of “bishop” Juan Jose Pineda, Oscar Rodriguez’s protege, and a Mexican called Erick Cravioto Fajardo whom he materially supported with a car and apartment and even allowed to pose as a Catholic priest, as police chaplain nonetheless (padre Erick!!):

    There were even death threats against the journalist who broke the story, Esdras Amado Lopez:

    Mundi, also please notice that the press has gone quiet on this story around December 22, 2017. Some powerful “dark forces” of excrement-loving nature seem to be at play here. Similar to the forces behind the powerful campaign which took Roy Moore down with millions of dollars behind a smear campaign because judge Moore dared to call the pervert sodomites out. Bitter and vindictive creatures are those sick inverted puppies!

  3. God help us! It’s all in the toilet.

  4. Can just reading about the goings on in the Vatican be considered persecutionI? I kinda feel like it is, but I may be in error.

    • Eh! No, I think it does not qualify;)
      However, I often take the weekend from blogging when the week has made me sick enough of the guy… So no, it isn’t easy…

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