Dem Ticket 2020: I’m With Them!

Visualising the White House...



Yesterday, Oprah Winfrey enchanted the Libtarded crowds by spouting an amazing string of third rate platitudes in front of the local Feminazi, EnviroNutcases and assorted perverts*. Apparently, it was enough to move people to tears. To tears, I tell ya!

What better candidate for the Dems in 2020 than this remarkable, remarkable woman? She ticks all the boxes, too!

Vagina? Tick!

Melanin? Tick!!

Entrepreneur? Tick!!!

Non-Christian? Tick-tick-tick-tick!

Please, please, dear Libtards: give her the Nomination for 2020! We have a lot of precedents already: after Trump she does not need to have political or military experience, and after Hillary she does not need to have a Pimmel. Oprah's victory would, in fact, be immediately expropriated by Hillary herself, The Bitchy Pathfinder! Why is Oprah not 50 points ahead?

However, Oprah alone would not be enough for the Dream Ticket 2020. What we need for VP candidate is what the Democrats do so well: give the position to someone who has been the wife of a President, because Dems are people who like their women utterly self-made.

Yes, Michelle is what I am talking about!

Imagine the powerful impact of




in the ticket! The Democratic base would be so energised! Hollywood actresses would be unable to refrain their tears of joy as they all together join Oprah in conquering the White House, attracting the Presidency through the sheer power of their visualisation. The Black Glass Ceiling would crush in 2020 pieces! Oh, joy!!

Please, please do it, dear Libtards! Do not listen to the Democratic establishment, and give these two courageous women the Nomination, and may the Bern with with you !!

I for myself could not ask for better. I think it would be a-we-so-me!

Only one wish I would have.

That Mike Pence be, after two successful terms as VP, allowed to run for President, and run the Country as the perfectly decent guy he is.


*Includes the Hollywood producers and actors not yet exposed.


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  1. Love your commentary. One caveat, having lost the presidency and all the perks and bennies of having your guy in office, the Dems are working very hard to prime the pump, and they are putting lots of energy into turning our young people in schools into good little Communists, who will do what they are being trained and indoctrinated to do, right now, that is, get out and vote against President Donald Trump. This is surely the most propagandized generation of young people in our nation ever, and they already love all things liberal with a white-hot passion, and they dislike anything that smells Christian or conservative.
    Our culture is just that stupid, to promote a clodhopper racist like Oprah based on her vagina and skin color, yes we are. Not all of us mind, but about half of us are that stupid. We’ve already proved it. Twice.

  2. The racist WHITE House would immediately be repainted and renamed the Black House.

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    Yes, brilliant and inspired: Oprah and Michelle in 2020!

  4. There’s one more liberal value box that Oprah ticks…

    A Different “O-rientation”? Tick!!!

    Now it’s the perfect Leftist Dream Ticket 2020: Oprah and Obama, AKA double zeros. Please, libtards, make it happen! Give us another Trump victory! More winning! More MAGA!

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