Listening To An Ass

I have read somewhere today that the Evil Clown has invited the faithful to silence during Mass, because when one is silent one can “listen to his heart” and, more importantly, “to the Holy Spirit”.

I will gloss over the inanity and banality of the words, probably inedible by a smart child of five. What I would like to point out is the subversive message hidden behind the stupid platitudes.

If I can claim to have the ability to oh so emotionally connect to the Holy Spirit, it might not be long before I claim to “recognise” a message that goes against Doctrine. Being thus persuaded of the goodness of my heart and my Direct Line to the Holy Ghost, I can easily persuade myself of the legitimacy of pretty much everything, like living in adultery and even daring to sacrilegiously present myself at the Communion Line.

What Francis does – in that stupid, sugary, childish way of his – is to encourage his (un)faithful to the very epitome of the sin of Pride: thinking that, in the end, I know better than God.

As you laugh about the arrogance of this man and the travesty of Catholicism he peddles to the Reprobates, please reflect on the many similar ways in which your local priests might try to smuggle the same impious message.

Reality check: I cannot listen to the Holy Ghost like I listen to music, nor can you. The Trinity speaks to me through the Church given to me for my salvation. The Bride talks to me every day through her beautiful, bimillenarian message.

Do not listen to Francis. Francis is an ass, the only thing you can learn from him is how to become unbearably stupid, supremely boring and diabolically subversive. Listen to the Depositum Fidei instead, and learn to know and love Church teaching. Therein, not in your own delusions, lies the Holy Ghost.



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  1. Well put, and yet just today, EWTN (Raymond Arroyo and Edward Pentin) are discussing AL and the Gay Nativity, and something or other that Cocco did or said, and there are your papal zealots in the combox, reprimanding anyone who criticizes “the dear pope”.
    And just today, a priest I would have bet any amount of money would be one of the LAST to go against the Deposit of Faith, Fr. Menenzes, had the intention at EWTN’s morning Mass for “the health of the Holy Father and his intentions”. How can this possibly be explained away? How can faithful priests, Bishops, Cardinals, blithely go on and pay homage to a man who is obviously working zealously to tear the faith into shreds, insulting Our Lord, and the Church He gave us to help us stay faithful in this life and have eternal life in the next.
    Truly, this situation is stunning in it’s scope. Having an apostate for a pope is one thing, observing how easily Jesus Christ and His Church are abandoned for a Feel Good Gospel has been something else entirely.

  2. According to his logic, the mute must be evangelists or at least mystics.

  3. Superb. The journey from 1962 to the present day is one of a journey from the objective to the subjective. The triumph of the subjective, that is the story of the times I have lived through (I was born in 61) and the present pontiff embodies this beautifully. One of the tell tale signs is what I refer to as Vatican two speak. The inane and platitudinous drivel modernists spout at every opportunity. The Church (through the creed of St. Athanasius) states that in order to be saved we have to adhere to the Catholic Faith. That is what I and my family intend to do. God bless you for your witness Mundabor.

  4. I disagree. When I was growing up, there were many silences in the Mass, and I miss them terribly now. Instead, the choir goes up to Communion first, and then immediately begins singing — often some trite, sing-songy thing that sounds like it was taken from Sesame Street or Barney the Dinosaur. We rarely hear the priest’s prayers at the Offertory because everyone’s busy singing some song — often reminiscent of Bob Dylan or of Peter, Paul and Mary. I miss having time to actually sit in silence for a moment or two after each reading, after the sermon, during the Offertory, and especially — most especially — after receiving Holy Communion.

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