If The Worst Should Happen: A Reminder

As we are living in unspeakably evil times, let us imagine that the unspeakably evil happens:

Saturday, 13 January 2017, Pope Francis solemnly proclaims ex cathedra the truth of the Sola Scriptura and Sola Fide Protestants tenets. He orders all Catholics to adhere to the new proclamation, which he very formally declares infallible in exercise of the Pope's Extraordinary Magisterium.

What then?

Can you say, then, that the Church is a fraud? Certainly not. The Church cannot be a fraud, because it is de fide that the Church is the Bride of Christ and if we declare that false we must declare the whole of Christianity false, which is an absurdity considering that the Church, sound theology and sound reasoning tell us the contrary.

Are works, in this case, not necessary anymore for salvation? Certainly not, as what was true yesterday must be true today and if I do not believe today what I believed yesterday it means that I have lost the faith, and that's that.

If, therefore, the Unspeakably Evil happens, what conclusion shall we draw?

That the Church still exists. With all her rules, traditions and institution.

And that the Sea is vacant.

This is the correct understanding of the situation. Any other interpretation leads ad absurdum, because it contradicts Catholic teaching either in one way (the Pope has the authority to change doctrine) or in the other (a pope who officially, solemnly proclaim heresy has not, ipso facto, made the sea vacant).

Obviously, such a Pope would still be, factually, sitting on the throne of Peter. But it would be only this: a de facto situation which is the fruit of abuse and usurpation, as if Napoleon had proclaimed himself Pope. We would have the duty to refuse obedience to both the usurper and everyone asking us to help him in any way, shape or form.

If the worst happens, there is still a simple, logical, coherent explanation fully in line with Catholic doctrine.

Do not lose your sleep, therefore, thinking what would happen if the Unspeakably Evil came to pass. The Church that has protected sixty generations before you will protect you, too. But she will demand that you believe in Her and in Her Truth, and in Her Bridegroom and His Promise, too. To abandon the Church when you have most need of Her (and She has most need, in a sense, to be defended by you) would be the height of pride and arrogance. But you will stand on the side of Christ and His Bridegroom, no matter what.



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  1. “If, therefore, the Unspeakably Evil happens, what conclusion shall we draw?
    That the Church still exists. With all her rules, traditions and institution.
    And that the Sea is vacant.”

    I don’t think so, as long as Pope Benedict is alive.

    Now, I am not the one who has the authority to pronounce anything, but it would appear to me that Benedict is still pope (or maybe better to say ‘a pope’) since even the neo-cons like Weigel claim that there can’t be two popes and there is no such thing as a pope emeritus. But just in case there can be two popes…

    What’s really scarey though is that no Cardinal or Bishop will call Francis out for his formal heresy.

  2. What a strange post. Do you see something coming in such an explicit manner or are you only warning to stay True to the Christ and his Church and not to the drunken pirate who has taken control of the Barque of Peter?

    From what I read and see, I think a similar moment of which you write has already occurred, just not so clearly and concretely. The problem is so many fail to see or, as most of those in the pews, just don’t care.

    I knew where we going the moment he stepped out onto the balcony and glared at the crowd. I am one of the few who had actually read about him and his battles with the CDF and his appointing of his close friend “Heal me with your mouth” Fernandez.

    • I am reading a book that, whilst allegedly orthodox, gets it spectacularly wrong. I thought I would correct the wrong impression, but at the moment I do not want to mention the book. It really has some spectacular errors.

  3. Mundabor–I wonder if Opus Dei would agree with you? Up to now they have sided with the Pope. This posture seems mindless given Pope Francis’ history of dancing around heresy or actually proclaiming it.

  4. “Sea”? Isn’t it “See”?

  5. Excellent. Just as a note (because I understand your first language is not English) a Bishops ecclesiastical jurisdiction is spelled See.

  6. True

    I have often asked others what they would do if Francis came out and held a black mass openly in Saint Peter Square… They ignore the possibility and believe that it would be completely impossible to have a vacant see.

    PS To I think you mean the “see” is vacant


  7. ” let us imagine that the unspeakably evil happens:”

    That wouldn´t be the “unspeakably evil”. Everybody would see and understand and have to take position. Confusion is worst than error. nfortunatly the Devil knows that at hidden himself.

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